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Enneagram: Passage to PLNU

The Enneagram is THE test to be a part of the Point Loma community.  If you haven’t identified your strengths and weaknesses through a personality test, then you are missing out on what the majority of the Point Loma student body has been discovering about themselves through one test.    

An Enneagram test puts you in a “type description” based on how you answer over 100 questions. There are 9 types and each has a different description of what it describes you as. For example, type 3 is the achiever and the description is that the person is adaptive, excelling, driven and image-conscious.

“This summer a lot of my Point Loma coworkers and I invested a lot of time talking about our types. It taught me a lot about myself and how I respond to my situations in life,” says Korynn VanSchaik, who is a type 7, or in other words, the enthusiast.

This test isn’t meant to label people or separate them into groups, but to bring everyone together as one, so for any scenario, people know who works best for the task at hand. Many guest speakers at Point Loma start with fun facts, and an often mentioned fact is the speaker’s Enneagram type.

“I think that this test ties in to more of the greater Christian community with the guest speakers using their type as an introduction to their audience,” says Riley Owen who is a type 6, or the loyalist.

This test is taken very seriously and people make life changes based off of their result on their test results. “I listened to a lot of podcasts in the mornings,” said Hayden Swire, a type 3.  “I think it really helped me realize things about myself that I haven’t fully accepted before and gave me a new way to practice self-care.”


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