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First chapel held at Liberty Station

As more classes are being held at the Liberty Station Conference Center and enrollment in those classes is expected to increase, aspects of campus life are becoming more integrated.

On Nov. 11, a chapel service was held at Liberty Station Conference Center (LSCC), the first chapel for undergraduate students held in that venue. Melanie Wolf, assistant director of Chaplaincy Ministries, spoke at the service while George Williamson, director of Worship Ministries, and an intern band led worship. Wolf says it was wonderful to be welcomed into the setting of LSCC and saw the chapel service as a great success.

“I feel like it went well, it was good and fun and sort of a really sweet time of fellowship,” she said.

About 50 students attended the chapel, most of them nursing students, including Alysha Woods, a senior nursing student. Woods says that chapel services held at the LSCC would be a convenience and help for students taking classes there.

“A huge struggle for us has been parking on campus when we get back from Liberty Station,” she said. “It’s kind of a hassle taking classes off campus and then coming back to campus for chapel. So I am excited for more chapels to take place at the conference center.”

Spiritual Development plans to host another chapel service there on Dec. 2 and then two more services in the spring semester. The chapels are held in the Main Hall of the conference center where, according to Woods, a stage and rows of seats create an atmosphere similar to that in Brown Chapel.

“The chapel was great because we did not feel different or alienated from campus life but we felt like we were at Point Loma, just in a different setting,” said Woods.

According to Wolf, if chapel services continue to go well at LSCC, chapel might eventually be held there on a regular basis.