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What your favorite Girl Scout cookies say about you

There’s no need to deny it. When a girl comes in with a badged-out vest and bag full of cookies, we don’t question if we can spare the extra five or so dollars but rather struggle to decide what flavors to get. Here’s a list to let you know what your cookie of choice says about you.

  1. Thin Mints. The round mint-flavored cookie with a chocolate covering. You’re easygoing, like things straightforward and care about others’ opinions. I mean, you chose a cookie that will leave your breath smelling flawless after all!thin mints
  1. Caramel deLites (or as us veterans call them, Samoas). Toasted coconut covered in caramel and drizzled chocolate – talk about knowing what you like. You have your head on straight, are a go getter and nothing will stand in your way…except finding the nearest Girl Scout to purchase another box.samoas1
  1. Peanut Butter Patties (or Tagalongs, it’s just more fun to say). Layers of peanut butter in a chocolate coating scream Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in disguise. You have high standards, maybe even a bit demanding at times, but you also a soft side, not to mention a sweet tooth.peanutbutterpatties
  1. Cranberry Citrus Crisps. A cookie with zesty flavor and whole grain, who ever said cookies couldn’t be healthy? You’re a person who jumps right in without testing the water; you have a gentle heart and love deep conversations.cranberrycrips
  1. Lemonades. A sugar cookie with lemon icing, sour yet sweet. You’ve been told you’re sassy and while this is may or may not be true, you are smart. You have a special charm about you that helps you get what you want.lemonade
  1. Savannah Smiles. Lemon-flavored cookies with powdered sugar say you’ll do it; you’re a people pleaser. You want others to like you and have a problem saying no. So you take on a lot, but always find a way to manage it, making sure you don’t let anyone down.
  1. Thanks-A-Lot. A cookie with a thin layer of fudge, similar to Samoas but not as fancy. You are a social butterfly and constantly the center of attention whether you try to be or not. Even though you have many friends, there are a handful that you know you can count on for anything, and you thank them, a lot.thankyou
  1. Toffee-tastic. It’s a gluten-free cookie; yes that’s right, gluten-free. You are special, you have a quirk about you that just draws people in and want to be your friend. You don’t try very hard for things to work out, they just do and they turn out fantastic.lastcookie
  1. Do-si-dos (or simply put, the Peanut Butter Sandwich). Two oatmeal cookies with peanut butter on the inside make for a sticky combination. The phrase, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” describes you. You’re determined, friendly to many and not afraid to be blunt or real with people.peanutbutter
  1. Rah-Rah Raisins. A new cookie this year with raisins, oatmeal and Greek yogurt chunks. You live life on the edge, are a constant adventure seeker and cherish the moment. You can let loose, yet be composed and professional when needed.oneextracookie
  1. Trios. This cookie is an oatmeal peanut butter chocolate cookie that is gluten-free too – yes you can indeed have it all. You are not as confident as you seem and are a people person; you don’ t like being alone. You have that best friend that you grew up with, you will always be besties and already know that you will be in each other’s weddings.cookie2
  1. Shortbread/Trefoils. You wear your feelings on the outside, but because of that, you are surrounded by people who constantly care and lift you up. You are a diamond in the rough.shortbread