Point Radio restructures

Point Radio is welcoming a new staff after their previous radio station adviser for several years, Clark Greer, left this past summer.

“When Greer was in charge, it was about broadcasting news and the music was the absolute last priority,” said Music Director Mackenzie McCullough, a junior media communications major.

Greer accepted a teaching position at Liberty University in Virginia, leaving Rick Moncauskas as the new Point Radio adviser.

“God provided me with some great new opportunities where I am now teaching,” said Greer via email.

The station’s new crew had to teach themselves how to run the radio station once Greer left along with the students who vacated those positions.

“We have had to learn how to do everything on our own; no one showed any of us how to do anything for our positions,” said McCullough.

Greer leaving was unexpected for the new staff. They spent the semester working together to improve the look of the station and come up with ideas to promote Point Radio.

Along with McCullough, the staff consists of a sports director, senior media communications major, Ricky Zollinger; promotions manager, junior broadcast journalism and theatre double major, Nicholas Kjeldgaard; news director, sophomore broadcast journalism major, Jonathan Pickett and station manager, sophomore media communications major Erica Armenta.

As station manager, Armenta runs weekly staff meetings where they discuss how each position is going and work on future improvements.

Rick Moncauskas said serving as adviser has been a learning process. He is used to working with Point TV as Studio Manager where he has five employees working for him.

“Being an adviser seems to be a very different role from being someone’s boss,” said Moncauskas. “I’m an adviser. I’m still learning what that means and how best to be an adviser to the staff and how to serve them in that capacity.”

Armenta made it clear that Moncauskas is not there to run the station, he is there to help out whenever they need it.

Point Radio is planning to be more transparent with students. They want to make Point Radio easily accessible to all. They have an average of nine listeners according to Armenta and are looking to increase that number.

“Friends want to listen to friends and parents want to listen to their kids,” said Armenta.

Armenta also wants to partner up with Musoffee, which is an event where students share their creativity through music.

The new staff renovated the station covering the walls with records, posters and twinkling lights.

“I paid for them out of my own pocket just because I wanted it to be a rad vibe in there to put everyone at ease when doing their show or just hanging out,” said McCullough.

The station had a large amount of old CDs laying around, music that students are not interested in listening to anymore. Old music was replaced with new genres consisting of alternative rock, rap, country, contemporary Christian and some Christmas jams. The hosts of each radio show gives a list of songs they want to play and McCullough purchases them off of Amazon. There are six radio shows in total which include sports, news and various talk shows.

The staff is still learning how to handle the equipment and there have been several problems with the station website: http://pointlomaradio.pointloma.edu/

“Students are still learning how to use the hardware and software. Sometimes they push a button and don’t know how to un-push it,” Moncauskas.

It is all part of the learning process, but while students work on the website, there is a app to listen to Point Radio on. “Live 365” is the free downloadable app allowing you to stream live listening to music and talk shows. All you have to do is download, search for “Point Loma Radio.”


The Daily Vibe: Friday, 12 – 2:00 p.m.

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The Sesh: Thursday, 8-10 p.m.

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