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A man was arrested near Sunset Cliffs Sunday evening by the San Diego County police department for allegedly exposing himself to beach goers.
The police along with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department responded to a report that the man had allegedly undressed himself and was harassing visitors of sunset cliffs.
“Today we had a call of a man that was on the beach, acting a little irrational – may have been taking his clothes off and on,” said Lieutenant John Sandmeyer, of the San Diego Lifeguard. “Police tried to secure him and get him to cooperate; it took a little while with security at Point Loma Nazarene College (sic) to calm him down a little bit and to decide that he was going to eventually agree to walk up and cooperate with authorities.”
“The initial report was that he was running around the beach nude and bothering people,” he added.
Sandmeyer explained it was unclear if the man was in poor health and said that he would be taken either to a hospital or a mental health service to be evaluated.
“He’s being evaluated right now by both medics and police,” Sandmeyer said shortly before the unidentified man was taken away. “A situation like this – we can have sometimes people that are inebriated or on drugs that’ll be doing things like this, (going) crazy on the beach.”
Sandmeyer speculated that the man may have had a “mental condition,” but said that it was unknown what was causing the suspect to act erratically. San Diego Fire-Rescue brought at least 4 vehicles to the parking lot at Young Hall in preparation for a possible “cliff rescue,” he said.
“In this case we thought that if he was going to be detained by P-D, that we would do a cliff rescue to get him up the cliff, in the end though he was cooperative and worked with police to climb up the beach trail.”
The police department and lifeguards worked with PLNU’s Department of Public Safety to detain the man and escort him off campus. Members of Public Safety declined to comment on the situation.


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