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Your Easy 8 Step Concert Guide


Living in Southern California, there are plenty of opportunities to go to concerts. With countless venues scattered around San Diego, it’s easy to find a live show to go to! As a seasoned concert goer with over 50 shows under my belt, I have eight pieces of advice to make the most of your concert experience.


  • Remember your tickets


This step seems simple, tickets can easily be forgotten. It is helpful to print out tickets as soon as you buy them; or as soon as they come in the mail, and to put them in safe place to remember. Will call is usually also an option if you’d rather remember your ID than a ticket.


  • Dress however you want


Some people will tell you what to wear so you’ll fit in with the rest of the crowd, but that doesn’t matter. Curl your hair even if it’ll flatten out in a hot venue. Wear a t-shirt of a different band than who you’re going to see if you want to. If you’re comfortable, wear it!


  • Park in a safe place


As a victim of poor parking skills, this step hits close to home. I’ve been towed and ticketed relentlessly due to mistakes I could have prevented. Read the street signs around you, and make sure you pay for parking at the right meter.


  • Don’t raise your voice too much


When standing in the pit with the rest of the concert-goers, you don’t need to talk as loud as you think. Lean in toward your friends who came with you and speak at a reasonable volume. You’ll get minimal angry looks from the people around you.


  • Crowd surf safely


Depending on the kind of show you’re attending, people could be crowd surfing. If you want to crowd surf too, go for it! But be safe about it. Be mindful of your feet while you’re up in the air; and as soon as you get on stage, either jump back into the crowd right away or walk to the side of the stage. Most venues will have security guards there to guide you back to where you’re supposed to be.


  • Don’t yell during slow songs; please, oh please.


If any of these steps sink in, let it be this one. Sometimes a bands set list includes a song that’s slower or even acoustic. Don’t be that person that takes the quiet room as an opportunity to yell at the band. This is disrespectful to your fellow concert-goers and the band.


  • Buy your merchandise soon


The best time to buy your shirt or record is usually closer to the beginning of the show. Just in case sizes run out, heading to the merch table as soon as you can is the way to go.


  • Make friends, and have a good time


Shows are one of the easiest ways to make friends. Whether you’re waiting in line for a few hours next to a couple of strangers or you keep bumping into the group in front of you, you already have something in common: the band you’re seeing! Chat it up, some of your best friends could come from these shows.


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