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Difference in Religious Schools

Religious schools vary in other ways other than how they view religion.  Student life, living, dining and classes aren’t all the same. Coming to a religious school is a change for some but a blessing to others.  

“I came to Azusa after 2 years at a public college and this is honestly insanely different for me,” James Acuna, a junior at Azusa Pacific said.  “Chapel three times a week, bible class, and right around 6,000 kids is a change and a half for me.”

Acuna comes from Cypress, California, where he went to Cypress High School, which was a public school.  He then went to The University of Oregon for 2 years and just transferred to APU for his junior year of college.  “Oregon was a good time and coming here was just a huge transition for me because I never had to deal with these elements throughout my day.  Although still being in college for 2 years before making the change, it was still a major shock for him.

On the other hand, coming to a religious school could be just what you needed.  “Bellarmine was the spot for me. It got me away from home, got my relationship with God on track, and made me into a better man,” says Johnny Daniels who enters his third year at the Catholic School in Louisville, Kentucky.  

“I came here to play division 1 lacrosse, but I had no idea that this place would lead me to where I am today.  I was religious when I was younger, but not to this extent. Being here has changed my views and I couldn’t be more thankful to be here,” he says.

It has been so good for Daniels that he now owns a house with his friends on the lacrosse team and rarely visits his home in Texas on breaks.  “I’m 2 hours from Nashville, down the road from UL and can travel anywhere I want to on the east coast whenever I want! Does it get any better than that?”

“This is my third year here and seeing the Pacific Ocean every day still gets me,” Point Loma Nazarene University student Presley Dubois says.  “I love everything about this place. My relationship with God has gotten so much better with my time here and I am so happy that I am at a place where I can express it with others.”  

Dubois was looking at other schools like SDSU but truly thought the smaller community would be her best fit. “This was the best decision I made no doubt.  The friendships I have made are things I could never trade away. This place is like home and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


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