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Benefits and Deficits of Working in College

Beginning a college career is often a full-time undertaking, however, many students look to make extra income through a part-time job. Balancing classes and work can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on a college student. Although a paycheck is necessary to some, many students have the option to take on a part-time job or focus on their studies.

Errin Mullaney Martocchio, PLNU’s Ryan Library Circulation Supervisor, directs student hiring in the library. Her first-hand encounter with student employees prompted questions about her experiences with college workers. She says, “Students verbalize if they need help and will get their shift covered.” According to Martocchio, most college students seem to prioritize their studies over work. Fortunately, on-campus job managers tend to be more forgiving and understanding towards students with a full workload.

Ali Churchin, a freshman nursing major at PLNU, eagerly took on a part-time job at Bobby B’s her first year at Point Loma. She says, “Jobs teach students structure and professionalism. Students learn to work with others and authority while making money for groceries or personal use.”

Many agree that part-time jobs give students the freedom to make an income and secure savings. It teaches real-world skills, including experience with the application and interview process. Time management and budgeting skills are further strengthened. Additionally, work experience helps a student amplify their resume. Career opportunities are competitive, so developing a strong resume will provide an advantage for college graduates.

However, study time is compromised during work hours, and homework is inevitably pushed back. Moreover, jobs can add stress to a student’s daily life, further distracting them from schoolwork. Ramona Byars, PLNU’s Resident Dining Manager, mentioned the importance of planning work hours with a student employee prior to their first shift. Byar’s discussed the hiring process in which she “takes a schedule and creates it right then and there with the student.” Byars encourages students to prioritize their homework, and she consciously works around each employees’ schedule.

Although it can be difficult to balance classes and a job, PLNU’s on-campus managers seem to look after student employees and their busy lives.

Students should carefully weigh the benefits and deficits of taking on a job while in college. There are many factors to consider, however the opportunity to obtain an on-campus job should not be taken for granted.



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