An Interview with Jason Lee on “Morning Walks”

Jason Lee’s exhibit “Morning Walks” will be in Keller Gallery from Oct. 4 to 28. Jason Lee is based in Southern California and has had a career in many creative outlets including skateboarding, acting and photography. Here’s an inside look into an interview with Jason Lee himself.

As someone with experience in so many creative fields, (skateboarding, acting and art) which field has been your favorite form of self expression and why?

“Skateboarding and photography, as these, more than with acting, are especially personal and very independent creative endeavors.”

How did you come across Keller Art Gallery and what made you want to put your exhibit there?

“My friend Nick, a photography teacher at CBU in Riverside, mentioned to PLNU that it might be nice to have me show some work at Keller Gallery.”

Do you have any personal connections to people at Point Loma? 

“I do now. The staff I’ve met thus far are amazing. As is the school’s arts program. And the campus is beautiful.”

What was the inspiration behindMorning Walks?”

“I walk nearly everyday and where I live — Los Feliz — it’s very colorful and interesting. And most of the time on my walks I bring my Nikon 28ti compact camera and a roll or two of Kodak Gold 200 film. These hilly Los Angeles neighborhoods are special. The architecture, the trees, the plant life, the lines and the shadows. The colors and shapes. The sidewalks, alleyways and long driveways. The winding streets. The views from above, and looking up. The little pockets, the details. The odd things. The scraps and imperfections. The pop of that unmatched West Coast morning light, and the comfort and quiet of the overcast. There’s something about this area, this Los Angeles, that’s hard to put into words. But it’s familiar. And no doubt unique.”

Where are you from and how does that affect the work you create?

“I’m from Orange County, CA. Anyone from the West Coast is certainly spoiled by the amazing light we have here. And I’m very drawn to it and the colors of this part of the country, and the Southwest, as well. And the many childhood road trips my family and I would take up and down California left me with some great memories of life on the road and all there is to see. That has become a big motivation and inspiration for me.”

Why do you think art is important to society?

“Art gives us things to think about. It gives us architecture, design, photographs, paintings, music, cinema, inspiration. It keeps life moving along in ways that other things like technology do not. It fuels the imagination, creates conversation, gives us something to dream about.”

Written By: Grace Barrera