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African journalists visit campus

On Friday, Nov. 8, PLNU welcomed 12 journalists from various countries in Africa to Dean Nelson’s Intro to Journalism class in Taylor Hall. Invited by the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, the journalists spoke about the struggles and joys they encounter in day-to-day reporting. Jean-Luc Emile from the island nation of Mauritius spoke of the government screening social media accounts and the few press freedoms he has in his country.

Students and the journalists interacted, with questions about differences in culture and government and the universal similarity of sharing a person’s story.

“We need to write stories that affect people. Think about the people,” said Robert Mugabe from Rwanda. “I wake up every day to speak for the people.”

When addressing challenges and dangers involved with reporting in her country, Ivana Abdallah from South Sudan responded, “When you have faith for any work, you can do it. We have faith to do our job.”