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A Repeating Era: Disposable Cameras

What goes around comes back around. This saying is relevant for many things in today’s society, and it is especially true for the disposable camera. This retro fad of using film disposable cameras has resurfaced here on Point Loma’s campus.

Freshman Breanna Seshun has a passion for photography. “What sparked my interest in photography was probably Transworld Surf Magazine. When I was younger, my dad had a subscription to them and I would always snag his magazines. I would cut out my favorite photos from each issue and paste them all over my wall. In fact, they’re still there today and I have a whole collection of surf magazines and posters stowed away on a shelf.” She says, “I’ve been seemingly fascinated with photography in general ever since.”

Seshun states that inspiration in her photos come from her favorite photographer, Chris Burkard, “since I saw his work at the San Diego Surf Film Festival back in high school,” says Seshun. “The way he is able to intertwine the beauty of both landscape and surf in shots astounds me. It [also] adds the flare of the adventurous lifestyle chasing great waves can lead you to.”

Seshun shares that her favorite things to shoot “vary from surfing, portraits, candids, and long exposure with oceanic landscapes.” She says, “I used to shoot surfing a lot, but I’ve recently come to love the authentic moments you can capture when shooting candids.”

Seshun has recently begun experimenting with disposable cameras. She says that she favors the Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable 35mm Camera. “I was inspired to shoot on disposable cameras largely by its recent comeback to social media. Adam Bartoshesky (freelance photographer) has a series called “Forgotten Frames” which is filled with purely film photography, both disposable and not. As cliche as it sounds, I really just loved the aesthetic vintage feel that film offers.”

When it comes to getting the film developed, Seshun shares that her favorite place is Nelson Photo on Midway Drive. “Their pricing varies depending on the service you are requesting, but it is very reasonable, considering it only take them 24-48 hours to develop and upload, while competitors can take up to two weeks.”

The photos in this collage showcase Breanna’s distinctive style. From candid photos to underwater shots to beautiful sceneries, Seshun showcases a unique way of shooting things she loves through the use of disposable film cameras.

Written by: Claire Jackson


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