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A Point Loma Guide to Hammocking

Hammocks are inescapable around Loma, and you’re more than likely to spot them hung across palm trees, awaiting a student ready to unwind from a hectic day. Isabella Huljev, a PLNU freshman media communication major, says “Hammocking relaxes you. It’s the best when you go set it up and watch a sunset and read.”

A few students report sleeping through the night in a hammock. Whether accidental or not, spending the night in a hammock is not rare for some. Lila Roy, a freshman nursing major, details hammocking “all night, listening to music, and swaying back and forth.” She says, “ I am coming to understand how insanely blessed we are to be able to live in such a beautiful place.”

Not all students agree that hammocking is the ultimate cure for boredom or anxieties. Dane Newton, a freshman business entrepreneur major, believes “hammocking is overrated.” He says, “Everyone buys hammocks just to look cool.”

Whether hammocking is a part of your daily routine or an intentional avoidance, it is inevitable that you will see them while walking across campus. An increasing number of hammocks are appearing around Loma, as more students are taking up the hobby.

Most students recount positive memories associated with hammocking. Lila Roy continued in saying “I felt the freedom of college that night when my new friends and I set up on the side of a cliff with the ocean in front and stars above.”


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