A new method of skin care: dry brushing

When most people think “skincare,” they usually think of only the face and acne-fighting products –– but the skin is the largest organ of the human body and everything but the face tends to get neglected.

Dry brushing is by far one of the best and simplest ways to care for your skin, and it requires nothing more than a natural bristled brush, which can be found at most stores for $8 to $10.

As the name suggests, dry brushing is simply using a dry brush on dry skin. For such a straightforward and easy habit, dry brushing reaps some incredible benefits. First of all, ladies, it is one of the number one ways to decrease the appearance of cellulite. In fact, Huffington Post did an experiment where twelve different women tested twelve different home remedies to soften the appearance of cellulite, and dry brushing came up on top. After picking up the dry brushing habit again after being in Italy for a semester, I can attest to this great skin care trick.

Body brushing is also great for exfoliating dead skins cells away, leading to smoother, softer, tighter skin and increased circulation which leads to faster cell turnover. Dry brushing also helps flush toxins out of the lymphatic system and aids in digestion and kidney function. On top of all this, your skin will be left glowy and baby-butt soft without expensive creams and lotions.

Dry brushing leaves both you and your skin feeling invigorated and refreshed. Some people have even started replacing their morning coffee with dry brushing because it gives them such a great kickstart to their day!

While drying brushing your body is effortless and takes no more than one to two minutes, there are a few steps and guidelines to help you get the most out of it:

        1. Try and find a brush with stiff bristles but not hard and scratchy. One that comes with a long handle is good too for hard-to-reach spots like your back.
        2. Always dry brush before a shower to rinse off dead skin cells. And since it helps open your pores, it will actually help any skincare you use during and after your shower work more effectively. Once out of the shower I like using coconut oil to moisturize.
        3. Start at the feet and work up towards your heart in long strokes (because the blood flows toward the heart), avoiding circular and side to side motions. As you reach your chest and neck (avoiding the face), use the same motions but downwards, again, towards your heart.
        4. Don’t apply too much pressure; the skin should feel tingly and invigorated, not irritated and red.
        5. Dry brushing can be done daily but at least two to three times per week is best for getting the most benefits.

The beauty of dry brushing is that it’s not only inexpensive, it’s effective for not just your outside, but also your insides.


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