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Missed Connection: W4M (Caf Lane)

I’m looking for a guy who was wearing a garish plaid flannel on Tuesday, Nov. 11. You attempted to get my attention by whistling at me and using the smooth...

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Cafe 21: A restaurant review

I’ve had a lot of really bad brunch in my day. I’ll never forget the Mother’s Day Disgrace of 2012––let’s just say it involved dine-and-dashing. For my lovely...


Do It Yourself: natural toothpaste

Regular, store-bought toothpastes are full of nasty ingredients that aren’t necessary for good dental hygiene. In my opinion, if something we’re putting on our...


Raw homemade jam recipe

If there’s any staple in a college student’s diet, it’s the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich (unless you’re allergic to peanuts, and I am so sorry)...


Five natural cold and flu remedies

January and February have been proven to be the peak months of flu and cold activity. While immune system boosting Vitamin C is great for preventing illness...