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Who’s playing in San Diego? February 2017

One of the worst feelings for us music-lovers is to realize that our favorite band or artist will be having a concert nearby, but we can’t go because the show is sold out. With the dozens of great artists coming to San Diego this year, it would be a shame to miss out. So before you spend all of your money on coffee and your Netflix account, check out these upcoming concerts that will be in San Diego this February and see which artists you would like to experience live.


Dashboard Confessional (with Vinyl Theatre and This Wild Life)

If you have ever experienced heart break, lead singer of Dashboard Confessional Chris Carrabba knows exactly how you felt. In fact, he’s probably written a song that describes that heartbroken version of you to a tee. Dashboard’s honest and relatable lyrics will reach straight into your heart and soul. Carrabba’s passionate vocals display raw emotion over his simplified acoustic guitar style. Vinyl Theatre’s indie pop and alternative rock styles accompany This Wild Life’s soft, clear vocals and pop punk/ emo style to perfectly complement Dashboard Confessional.

Date: February 3 at 7:30 p.m.

Location: House of Blues



Everyone has their go-to artist that they listen to when they just want to feel good and have a fun time, and hip hop/ rap artist D.R.A.M. may be just the guy for the job. Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith lives up to his stage name D.R.A.M., which stands for “Does Real A** Music,” with upbeat songs and lyrics that tend to focus on the happy times in life. Particularly well-known for his songs “Cha Cha” and “Broccoli,” in which he collaborates with rapper Lil Yachty, D.R.A.M. spends the majority of his albums proving that you don’t need to follow all the rules of the rapping genre to become one of the best.

Date: February 9 at 8 p.m.

Location: Music Box


Issues (with Falling in Reverse and Motionless in White)

This one is for all the Loma metal-heads out there, or those who just need to get out some inner aggression. Issues puts together lead singer Tyler Carter’s unique tenor vocals and bandmate Michael Bohn’s screaming in a unique combination of RnB and metal, making them stand out against the background of other post-hardcore groups. Falling in Reverse is in a similar category of scream and metal, while Motionless in White embraces a darker style of goth –metal. These three bands will put on a performance that you won’t forget, mostly because their hard-rock musical style is so impressive, but also because your ears probably won’t stop ringing for a long time after you hear them.

Date: February 12 at 5 p.m.

Location: House of Blues


Eli Young Band

If you have ever turned on the country radio station, odds are you’ve heard the Eli Young Band. With “Crazy Girl” and “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” being some of their most popular songs, the Eli Young Band is the perfect sound kick back and relax to. Mike Eli’s Texan vocals are perfect for those who want to imagine themselves in the south, sipping on sweet tea. Lyrics that explore love, God, and life. So don’t be crazy, girl… Or guy. Go check out the Eli Young Band.

Date: February 16 at 7 p.m.

Location: House of Blues


Circa Survive

Lead singer of Circa Survive, Anthony Green, sings with tenor vocals that range high enough to make them stand out even amongst other emo/ alternative rock bands of similar style. With a band name centered around the idea of a time period focused on survival, Circa Survive’s lyrics manage to be cathartic, passionate, and pensive all at once. “Well don’t talk about it; Write it down but don’t ask for help. I can’t be honest with even myself. Did you ever wish you were somebody else?” Circa Survive’s lyrics to one of their most popular songs, “The Difference between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose” is just one example of the thought-provoking and emotional experience that comes with listening to this progressive rock group.

Date: February 21 and 22, both days at 6:30 p.m.

Location: House of Blues



Alright, ‘90s kids, listen up. After a decade-long musical hiatus that was the result of being trapped in a record label contract, JoJo is back and better than ever. Her new album “Mad Love.” is chock-full of her trademark empowering messages that remind us to embrace the strength we hold inside us. “I am, I am worthy of love…Am I strong enough? Because it feels like I’m not anything at all…But I am, I am, I am beautiful,” croons JoJo in her new song “I Am.” demonstrating that JoJo is just as strong and independent as ever. Hearing “Mad Love.” reminds us of why we fell in love with JoJo in the first place, and makes us wonder how we ever managed this long without her.

Date: February 24 at 7 p.m.

Location: House of Blues



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