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Get to know your homecoming court


  1. Alexander Vargas is a senior in the history and political science department at PLNU. His favorite thing about Loma is the closeness within the department that hes in. He loves being so close knit and hanging with people who he can discuss issues with and bounce ideas off. Vargas said I love my department and these in my major, International Studies, and I am excited to see the great things they will do.In the next 10 years, he sees himself in a steady career, traveling, and enjoying the life that God has blessed him with.

Fun Fact: Vargas has 10 half siblings scattered across the states of Washington, Hawaii and California.


  1. MLynn Martin is a junior at PLNU. Her favorite part about Loma is the people.She stayed on campus over summer when everyone was gone and said that’s when I realized that the ocean isn’t what makes Loma special. It’s the people.10 years from now she imagines herself pastoring a church in her hometown of Paso Robles, California.

Fun Fact: Martin had chronic pneumonia for the first thirteen years of her life. She was under the impression that pneumonia was so normal that she genuinely thought it was just a common cold and was surprised as a teenager when she learned that people actually die from it.


  1. Cole Curry is a freshman at PLNU. His favorite thing about Loma? The people. Cole said every day is a wonderful day to be a sea lion.Since Curry is a first semester freshman, he has absolutely no ideawhere he sees himself in the future. All he knows is that he is going to mess up this world in the best way possible!

Fun Fact: He wrote a novel his freshman year of high school, it only took him a month and you can buy it on Amazon! Though he urges people not to waste their money because it is complete trash.


  1. Blake Wurtzler is a senior at PLNU. Hi favorite part about Loma is the faculty. Wurtzler said he loves how they really care for you and want you to succeed.In 10 years, he doesn’t know what profession he will be in, but he will be spreading love through whatever it is.

Fun Fact: He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Doe.


  1. Bailey Holmes is a senior at PLNU. Her favorite thing about going to school at Loma is the extraordinary community.Holmes told The Point, I didn’t realize how truly incredible it was until I became deathly ill last spring and felt the love that outpoured towards me and my family. The amount of prayers, support, and grace was insurmountable, and has since brought me to tears on many occasions. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you. You all have given me hope.In 10 years, she sees herself working as a small-town doctor, with the children she treats running around the waiting room playing tag and laughing. Being a pediatrician in a tight knit community is her dream.

Fun Fact: Shes gone skydiving, and would do it again in a heart beat.


  1. Morgan Nock is a freshman at PLNU. Her favorite thing about Loma is the people that make it up. Nock said, Loma has a million other good qualities, but I feel like they are just the icing on the cake in comparison to the relationships you have the opportunity to make here. Everyone is so kind, adventurous, thoughtful, unique, funny, and supportive, they make it feel like home for so many like me who are so far from home!Over the next 10 years, she hopes to be as happy and in love with life as she is right now. She sees herself as potentially being a traveling nurse in medical missions, starting a family and being surrounded by people she loves.

Fun Fact: She is a third-generation competitive water-skier. She grew up in the sport and spends most of her summers at lakes.


  1. Lauren Chafin is a sophomore at PLNU. One of her favorite things about school is that there are so many awesome places to sit around campus. She likes to just sit at all the different random little spots to do homework, hangout with friends, read or simply to just look at the ocean. She sees herself in many different scenarios in 10 years but is most passionate about working to end human trafficking and poverty. She hopes to be working with a nonprofit organization doing that type of work while sharing the love of Christ through it either internationally or somewhere here in the states.

Fun Fact: She thinks everyone looks like their own feet. If you look at someone’s feet, they really just look like the person and their personality ha-ha.


  1. Emma Cleland is a senior at PLNU. Her favorite thing about Loma is the space that she has been given to grow. Cleland said the tight-knit community is always something we talk about, but it allows people to invest deeply into you and you are given the chance to deeply invest in them. Ive had so many people give me opportunities that I would have never expected and been supported in growing through them. Without this, my college experience would have been vastly different and it makes Loma the unique place that I love.In 10 years, she hopes to be living and teaching abroad pretty much anywhere in the world!

Fun Fact: She is Alaskan Native, of the Tlingit tribe, which is from Southeast Alaska.


  1. Brock Lusky is a junior at PLNU. His favorite thing about Loma is by far the community and friendships that he has formed on campus. He loves his friends and said they are people who make me a better person every day and challenge me to be constantly improving. Shout out to the upper, lower, & deep hub!Lusky hopes to be living in downtown San Diego 10 years from now, working for a big four public accounting firm, specializing in tax accounting.

Fun Fact: He had a pet rabbit for 15 years of his life.


  1. Sabrina Schreiber is a senior at PLNU. Her favorite thing about Loma is the radiant people and genuinely caring staff.Schreiber is not sure where she will be 10 years from not but hopes to be pursuing her dream helping individuals with disabilities in some capacity and adventuring.

Fun Fact: She has a weakness for peanut butter smoothies.


  1. Tanner Matthews is a senior at PLNU. His favorite thing about Loma is the people. Matthews said everyone on campus including professors, RAs, friends, other students on caf lane, random dog-walkers are open to having an intentional conversation and getting to know you on a deeper level.He has no idea at this point where he will be in 10 years. He could be traveling the world, settling down in SoCal or even living abroad. He said I’ll try any of the doors that God opens for me. No matter where I am, my mission will always be to show the love of Christ to everyone I meet.

Fun Fact: His first and only kiss was a kangaroo named Sheila.


  1. Hudson Knox is a sophomore at PLNU. His favorite thing about Loma is how gracious and amazing the professors are. He said “I know if I have a question or if I am struggling in the class, I can reach out and they will take the time to help me!” In 10 years, Knox sees himself with many dogs, opening a coffee shop where he will give special needs kids the opportunity to work there all while being a school psychologist.

Fun Fact: He met RiFFRAFF in an airport once.


  1. Nicholas Garcia is a senior at PLNU. What he loves most about Loma is the caf and the community at Loma. In 10 years, Garcia will be 32 years old and he loves peanut butter and jam.

Fun Fact: When he was seven, he had five fish that all ate each other over the course of a week. It was a real-life fishy hunger games. His therapist says it’s not his fault though.


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