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Coastline News- September 22, 2016

This episode features important political, global, national and local news. In politics, Donald Trump calls for Hillary Clinton to disarm her bodyguards, he promises to protect Christian values like never before, and he comments on the issue of Obama’s birthplace. We give you the status of the ceasefire in Syria and updates on the Brexit Deal in the European Union. In national news, recent reports of Brock Turner’s sexual assault as well as emotions surrounding 9/11’s fifteenth anniversary. In San Diego news, what governor Jerry Brown is doing that affects SeaWorld and how locals can prevent cases of West Nile over the next few months.

Anchors: Michelle Torres & Nick Kjeldgaard

Sports: Joshua Adams

Entertainment: Jeffrey Carr

Weather: John Malmin

Producer: Eliza Jason

Assistant Producer: Davis Bourgeois

Director: Braden Haycock

Assistant Director: Jeffrey Carr

TD: Jessica Cuadra

Sound: Lenny Comma

Graphics: Analise Nelson & Margaret Mann

Server: Scott Brown

Prompter:Nick Powell

Remote Cams Op: Daniel Mutowa

Floor Director: Wes Lewis


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