2023-2024 ASB Candidates and their mission statements:

Last week kicked off ASB campaign elections for the 2023-2024 school year. Students campaigned to fulfill the positions of President, Vice President, Director of Communications, Director of Student Relations, Director of Spiritual Life, Director of Activities, Director of Finance and Director of School Spirit. The following positions, Director of Communications, Director of Student Relations, Director of Spiritual Life, Vice President and President, are elected positions while the remaining positions (Director of Activities, Director of Finance and Director of School Spirit) will be appointed through interviews. Election chapel will be held on Monday, Feb. 20, where students have the opportunity to hear from each candidate before placing their votes. Voting closes Monday at midnight and the Board of Directors will be officially announced on Feb. 24. In preparation, here is an introduction of each candidate with their mission statement. Students with an asterisk next to their name have quotes that were pulled from the PLNU ASB webpage. Everyone else spoke directly to The Point.


Lila McNeal

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: History

Hometown: Boise, ID

“As President, I hope to unify our student body through increased transparency between ASB and students. I aim to be a vessel and the bridge between our various groups on campus, ensuring that all members of our campus community feel seen, heard and appreciated.”

Nathan Shoup

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Applied Health Science

Hometown: Lodi, CA

“As the Associated Student Body President, I will continually embody that which I seek to be produced. I pledge to utilize my gift of inclusion to promote and construct deep relationships between the ASB organization and already existing and upcoming student groups on campus. I am dedicated to ushering in the development of a beloved community within the framework of our campus culture.”

Vice President

Marissa Powers

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Encinitas, CA

“Next year, my mission, if elected ASB Vice President, is to provide a strong sense of community and togetherness while making positive changes for the student population. Additionally, I want to focus on student input as I represent voices in the Student Senate and between faculty and higher leadership on campus, including the Student Life and Formation team.”

Lauren Gallagher

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: International Development and Spanish Language

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

“I want to embody a leader that is a faithful servant, has great school pride, acts always with integrity and transparency, finds new and creative ways to express student interests and seek out students talents, and who is knowledgeable about the Senate while also staying true to the things that matter. I also want to be available and approachable so that every student is comfortable voicing their opinions on what they feel is most important.”

*Bailey Pickard

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Biology-Chemistry and Philosophy

Hometown: Kansas City, KS

“Being able to represent my peers has been a privilege, and I’d love to continue to do so next year through the Vice President role. I’m so passionate about the Student Senate and I have so many ideas for ways to improve its relationship with both the student body and the Board of Directors that I hope to implement next year if elected as VP. I want to make the Student Senate a welcoming community for all, and an accessible outlet for anyone to voice their concerns and ideas for PLNU.”

Director of Communications

*Anna Ivanov

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Graphic Design-Marketing

Hometown: Houston, TX

“I want all students to have a voice and the opportunity to make a difference on this campus. I wish to market all the amazing activities & events put on by PLNU students, as well as correctly communicate information to and from the ASB board of directors and the student body. I hope to incorporate my current skills and creative ideas to improve the experience and engagement of my fellow students in new ways.”

Kareen Boyadjian

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Communication Studies with double minor in Music and PR

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

“My mission for Point Loma’s campus next school year is to dig deeper and create more special spaces for not only one on one connection, but a space for the community to come together. I hope to use my group management experience and communication skills I have gained from being in student senate, a communication studies major, and professional work in Dr. Brower’s office to be a vessel for every student as well as bridge the gap between alumni and current students!”

Director of Student Relations

*Sierra Palm

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Visual Art

Hometown: Papua New Guinea/Carlsbad, CA

“I am super passionate about helping make everyone feel they have a place they belong and have a connecting point to what they love as well as feel seen. I strongly believe that a campus community and club groups have so much to do with that, especially since God desires for us to be surrounded by people and in community.”

Colby Douglas

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Business Management-Entrepreneurship 

Hometown: New Braunfels, TX

“What’s good Loma!! My mission for Point Loma is to make sure that everyone in our community feels welcomed and supported. The clubs we have here are amazing and I would love the chance to make them even better. ASB is here to serve you and make this place the best it can be, make it happen by voting for me!”

Kyle Dramov

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: CareFree, AZ

“My mission for Point Loma’s campus next school year would be to continue creating an environment and culture for students who love each other and love God. We would continue to plan engaging events and create clubs to effectively reflect everyone’s interests. Essentially, I want to sustain a place where everyone feels welcomed and heard.”

Director of Spiritual Life

Tess Schrupp

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Communication Studies with a minor in Christian Studies

Hometown: Burbank, CA

“Running for Spiritual Life Director is a mission I feel called to embark on as one created to be a vessel of Christ’s love and leadership. I campaigned with the verse Romans 15:17, “Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus my service to God. This verse is the centerpiece of my campaign and foundation of my leadership, for no glory should go to me but rather to the Lord who strengthens the weary and guides us to lead in ways that mirror Him! I am stoked to do this with Loma and get to know this student body in deeper ways!”

Director of Activities

Allison Hoertig

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Orange County, CA

“Hey Loma! As your Director of Activities, my goal is to create a memorable experience for all PLNU students. I want to promote unity and spirit as well as ensure that student activities and campus life are well organized, inclusive and tons of fun!”

Jordan Roby

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Marketing & Organizational Communication

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

“My mission as Director of Activities is to create inclusive and engaging events that every student can enjoy! I believe that the different communities of students we have at Loma are what makes our campus so beautiful and I would love to incorporate and connect those different communities through interactive and fun activities.”

Kennedy Brown

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

“My goal, if given this position, is to create an atmosphere that intertwines both inclusion and fun! I plan on creating events that are memorable for the connections made and the experiences lived!”

Sara Whitmer

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: San Diego, CA

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue Loma’s traditions that make PLNU so special, but also create exciting new events too! Seeing our community come together, having fun, and making lasting memories will make next year unforgettable.”

Director of Finance

*Cadiz Souter

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Accounting & Marketing

Hometown: Tustin, CA

“I would be grateful to serve ASB and the school by applying my education to my position. Having done ASB in high school, I reminisce on the relationships that were built and the growth that I made due to the responsibilities and community commitments that allowed for a newfound passion for my school. ASB is an opportunity that I do not want to miss!”

Mari Smigal

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Accounting and Finance

Hometown: Escondido, CA

“I would like to continue to help foster a culture at Point Loma where students can pursue their passions, ambitions, and faith alongside their peers. Next school year, I would love to utilize the finance role to make it so that the student body can explore their interests with ASB’s clubs and have a great time at all the different events!”

*Corey Kardos

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Accounting and Finance

Hometown: Irvine, CA

“I am a big numbers guy, always analyzing things. Everything that ASB entails seems like a right fit. The events, the behind the scenes, and ultimately serving others, is all grouped together. I think it is an amazing opportunity to grow my skill set for my career, but it will also foster spiritual growth and the building of my character.”

Stephen Williams

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Management & Supply Chain

Hometown: Florence, OR

“As the ASB Director of Finance I would serve the Loma community by helping keep Point Loma great and supporting our Loma family to have their best years at PLNU. Spending cash and making it last.”

Director of School Spirit

Thomas Kinzler

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Applied Health Science

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

“I plan to foster a community where everyone feels included in our school spirit. Whether it’s through sports, the arts, or other events on campus, I’d love to work with the Hooligans and CREW to promote the amazing spirit of Loma to all students.”

The ballot for voting will be emailed to all students through Josh Ching after chapel on Monday.

All photos are courtesy of the ASB website.