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11 Best Flavors at Cravory Cookies

Arguably, there is nothing better to college students than these two words: cookies and discounts. The Cravory, conveniently located close to PLNU on Midway Town Center, combines cheapness and sweet treats for a winning combination. Offering PLNU students a two-for-one deal, guests can choose from among a wide array of cookies. The colorful and flavorful variety frequently beckons me to take advantage of this deal, and The Cravory has been a favorite snack spot since my freshman year.

However, with the current range of flavors available for sale, along with the nine special month-of-April flavors, it can be hard to choose what kinds to pick. In order to help narrow down the best of what The Cravory has to offer, I trekked over to the small eatery and bought a big box of cookies. A dozen of them, to be exact.

I sampled every flavor, narrowing down the outliers and the cookies that just did not quite make the cut. In the end, I decided on the 11 best flavors, each winning in cookie-tasting categories for their own unique reasons. Each of these cookies brings something unique to the palate, and are all worth trying, but you’ll likely end up just eating the whole cookie.

The Classic Chocolate Truffle

This cookie won in the Best Chocolate Cookie category. Chocolate upon chocolate, this cookie melts in your mouth.

The Pancakes and Bacon Cookie

Winning in the Best Combination category, this cookie, while surprising at first, blends for a perfect salty and sweet combination. Crunchy, sugary goodness is perfect for adventurous eaters.

The Lemon Bar Cookie

Third on the list takes the cake (or cookie) for Best All-American. Reminiscent of the Fourth of July and family gatherings at Grandma’s house, this cookie literally melts in your mouth. I have to admit, this is my favorite Cravory cookie.

Rosemary Balsamic Cookie

This cookie wins for the Most Unique category. Infused with rosemary, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon, and black pepper, this cookie is perfect for fellow foodies.

The PB Overload

This treat went into the box next for the Most Craveable category. You can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter, and this cookie combines them in a way that is simply delectable.

The Birthday Cake Cookie

Making its way through the Most Celebratory category, nothing says celebration like sugar cookies, vanilla flavoring, and funfetti sprinkles.

The Salted Caramel Cookie

Combining vanilla, caramel, and salt, this is one cookie wins for leaving you totally satisfied, and less tempted to reach for another sinful snack.

The Taro Flavor

This cookie joined the mix with its win in the Most Surprising category. A flavor that is hard to explain, once tasted it is understood. Taro, a tropical Asian plant, comes as a surprise win.

The Chocolate Chip

Any cookie consumption would be amiss without a true classic. The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie wins for the Most Comforting. Made with bittersweet, semisweet, and milk chocolate chips, this cookie is the ultimate comfort food.

The Red Velvet

This cookie wins for the Most Decadent. This cookie truly is decadent, catching attention with its Southern taste and appeal.

Oreo Coffee Cookie

Winning in the Best April Cookie category is this Oreo supreme. The taste of chocolate comes first, followed by the coffee, making another bite a sure bet.


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