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Intramural Soccer Champions: “Kiss my Pass”

Kiss My Pass takes the win for this year’s Intramural Soccer Championship. In a 4-0 win against their rival team, The Incredibles, Kiss My Pass kept their opponents as runners-up for the second year in a row.

The all-sophomore team, Kiss My Pass, formed last year as freshmen. With a 15-man lineup, the chances of them all returning to the team for year two was a gamble. But Kiss My Pass female co-captain Hayden Swire says everyone was really excited to get back on the field this season.

Swire regards their near-perfect winning record for the season (7-1) to the comradery as a team unit. Extended team members were considered part of this unit.

Designated sideline soccer moms Kelsey Sotille and Hannah Reese were not on the team roster, however both were present for every game of the season. Reese ensured the team stayed well-protected from the sun with sunscreen while Sotille supplied the team with orange slices. And they weren’t the only ones filling space on the perimeter.

“On a good day, we would have about 15-20 fans show up, just to show up to support Kiss My Pass. So yeah, I’m proud to be a team mom!” Sotille says.

Kiss My Pass doesn’t get its name for tepidness on the turf. A broken tibia and a concussion scare were the result of one early-season collision during an attempt on goal on Kiss My Pass’ keeper David Garman. The broken limb was one of the worst reported injuries in the intramural league.

However, Kiss My Pass’ male co-captain Stevie Beauchamp is most proud of the bond the team formed.

“Before our big game, our whole team got together and had a group huddle and pumped each other up before our final game of the season. Looking back, I could really see how everyone has improved individually as well as our team as a whole.”

Sharing both their freshmen and sophomore years together, Kiss My Pass is happy to wrap up this season with the win.

But a win isn’t the only thing they’ll be taking home. Each team member received shirts from the Intramural Department for their victory. Under Intramural Champion, the forest green shirts read It’s all about the shirt.

Beauchamp says, rather, “It’s all about the fans.”

Fans will have to wait until next season to see if Kiss My Pass strikes again.


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