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No Car? No Problem

It’s only the fourth week of school, but with academic responsibilities setting in, along with anxiety, many students live for the weekend. Since PLNU does not allow for freshman to have cars on campus, freedom Friday or sleep-in Saturday plans seem limited for first years. However, with a little creativity and some connections, the absence of a car is not as halting as it may seem. Here are five things freshmen can do on weekends, no motorized vehicle needed.

  1. Go to the cliffs: One of the perks of going to Point Loma is that the ocean is only a short walk away. Whether you choose to lay out on the beach, get tanned, surf, go for a swim or explore the sea caves under the cliffs, there are so many options for students to discover right at the edge of campus. If the tide is high, students can also gather a group of friends, have a picnic on the cliffs and watch the sun set into the horizon.
  2. Walk to OB: With no car, walking is an easy option for students to partake in. The town of Ocean Beach is a 30-minute stroll from campus on the scenic route roads. Coffee and acai shops, Mexican restaurants, as well as plenty of shopping outlets right on the beach are great ways to relax and unwind. The farmers market takes place on Wednesday nights and OB’s pier isn’t half bad either.
  3. Off-campus church: Several churches have shuttles that pick up Point Loma students from campus on Sunday mornings. This allows for students to immerse themselves in off-campus church communities. All Peoples Church and Newbreak Church are just two of the many congregations that have busses and vans that pick up students at the cross in front of Brown Chapel.
  4. Shuttle life: The off-campus shuttle runs from Thursday through Sunday and meets outside of Smee Hall. This shuttle makes several stops at locations like Wells Fargo, Vons, Rock Church, Trader Joe’s (Liberty Station), Old Town, Fashion Valley Mall and Target. These options can make for a nice casual outing with friends.
  5. Rent equipment: The ARC on campus has several types of equipment that students can rent out through the outdoor rental center. This includes paddle boards, boogie boards, kayaks, surf boards, beach cruisers, mountain bikes and many other options. The rental center provides online reservations and allows students to venture for the day.


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