Student Perspectives on New Mask Policy

This week California State Officials have lifted the indoor mask mandate for the entire state; however, this has the students of PLNU questioning the policies of our university.

There are certain areas on campus that have lifted the mask mandate such as the caf. After this policy was changed students were confused about why they still had to wear masks in class. 

Second-year education major Emily Wilson feels relieved that the state mandate was lifted but she is still frustrated about PLNU’s policy.

“There is no longer a mask mandate, so why are we still having to wear masks anywhere? Whether the masks work or not is a different discussion but I will not be wearing a mask from now on if COVID-19  has run its course through our campus,” Wilson said.

Wilson is tired of all the messiness that comes with new COVID-19  updates because she just wants it to end.

“If other people want to wear a mask, great, do whatever makes you comfortable, but I will not be participating in this anymore,” Wilson said.

Second-year psychology major Kallen Aley has a different perspective and thinks it is important that people continue to wear masks in class.

“In an effort to make others feel safe I think it is best to wear masks out of respect for those around us who could still be affected by this illness,” Aley said.

There are also some students who aren’t giving it a second thought because they’ve seen how these changes have been in the past.

Second-year psychology major Anthony Thome has learned to not get frustrated nor excited about COVID-19  updates because it can create false hope or unnecessary stress.

“I’ve reached the point in this two year covid dance where I’ve learned not to care. I understand these policies will change and I’ve learned not to get mad nor excited about those changes because they will likely change again soon,” Thome said. 

Thome feels that it is better for his mental health to not put much thought into these fluctuating policies.

“At the end of the day, if you are fighting the current, you’re going to get tired, so you might as well just go with the flow and find ways to enjoy yourself on the ride,” Thome said.

Written By: Zach Dinsmore