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What You Need to Know About the “Figure ‘It’ Out” Event

For freshmen and seniors alike, post-grad life can be intimidating. “What are your plans after graduation?” “What do you want to be?” These are often asked before someone knows your favorite color or even your last name, and most students have difficulty answering them. 

This is where the Feb. 20 “Figure ‘It’ Out” event might come to your rescue. Marsha Hubbard, Residence Life Coordinator and Resident Director of Colony, explains what to expect during the event, which will be held this Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. at OB Beans Coffee Roasters (4879 Newport Ave.)

The Event

“Figure ‘It’ Out” is a first time event for juniors and seniors, thought up by ResLife and the Alumni House, to hold a conversation about what post-grad life looks like. 

“This event will address some of the nuances of what ‘adulting’ after graduation can look like,” Hubbard said, “[giving] students a chance to hear from alumni about their varying experiences navigating this journey.” 

The event organizers hope to provide upperclassmen with perspective, support and encouragement in an often overwhelming time filled with ambiguity, according to Hubbard.

The Goal

The goal is that this will become an annual event that sets up PLNU students and graduates up for success. In addition to this one night, ResLife hopes “Figure ‘It’ Out” will spark a continued conversation about navigating life in which students become interested in their resources on post-grad topics, including how to keep a budget, tips on buying a car, steps to renting an apartment, how to find a local church community and more.

“The Alumni house wants to connect graduating students in with a larger network of Loma alum who are in the work field,” Hubbard said. 

The Offices of Strengths & Vocation also looks forward to the event. “OSV is excited about the ‘Figure “It” Out’ event!” said Rebecca Smith, Executive Director of OSV. “[It’s] such a unique way to support our students in their journey beyond this campus.” ResLife hopes this event attracts a crowd of 50 to 75 students.

The Panel

Alums were selected by the Alumni House for the panel. They chose five alums who they believe will relate well to students, with various life experiences and careers who are five to 10 years out of college. 

Hugh Scanlon, financial planner, 2010 graduate

Derek Legg, works in business operations at the San Diego Symphony, 2016 graduate

Krystel Tien, event planner, entrepreneur, writer, 2008 graduate

Lauren Harris, went through law school, 2013 graduate

Erin Thompson, fashion major changed to science, 2011 graduate