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Whale Watching Spots On Campus

Pacific Gray Whales have begun their migration to the warm, southern Baja California bays where they will mate and take care of their young. Their migration began mid-December in the Arctic Ocean and they can be seen breeching for air from PLNU’s campus from late-January through February.

Next time you are looking out at the beautiful sunset or watching surfers catch waves, be sure to look for whales. Here are some of the best spots to whale watch on campus:

The Greek Amphitheater

Not only is this a beautiful historic landmark, but it also provides a shady place to sit and look for whales. You can also enjoy watching a tennis match, track meet, or baseball game while you are at it.

Parking Lot Overlooking Sunset Cliffs

The dirt parking lot on the way down to Young Hall is both elevated and has a wide scope of view. The best part is the fact that you can relax in your car and enjoy the view while looking for whales.

The Klassen Lawn

Bring a blanket and some snacks and relax on the grass lawn in front of the Klassen dorm. This is the farthest south on campus you can get and has the least amount of distraction in front of it.

Cliffs by Young

Take a trek down to the Young Hall and walk onto Sunset Cliffs. This is the closest you can get to the whales and if you have a drone, this is the perfect opportunity to get a good shot.

Anywhere on campus that has an ocean view

Keep your eyes peeled for any breaching whales wherever you are on campus. There is no need to pay for an excursion when you’re already paying tuition.


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