Unseen and unfelt

Fight for me? Or for you? For who? A deep-seeded anger that twists and pulls, no way out so it wrestles inside, slowly turning itself into a depressive state of self-hatred. Afraid to change?

Better paths I do not know as I struggle for a nonexistent middle ground that forms a canyon between what I need and who I am. Try to slow down. Walk the canyons of a beautiful scene. slowly. Step by step. The people that claim to care are the ones who hurt the most. Love turns to drowning.

Goodwill into a useless tool when faced with the egos lurking in every corner of the room, ready to spring at a passing whim. Must keep trying. There is a way. Love that is never seen or felt. A god who is never seen or felt. They are still there. They have to be. Goodness for its own sake.

I will not fall, I will not give in. BE with us. The sound of my feet… The sound of my feet…. The slow motion…. The sound of my feet… They keep going.

Taylor is a sophomore computer science major.


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