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Top 10 Thriller Movies to Get You Into that Halloween Spirit

Topping off our list at number one is The Guest starring Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast) as the guest in question. A movie full of plot twists and chair gripping suspense, The Guest can’t help but grip your mind and get you into that psychopathic mood.

Shutter Island

When people talk about the psychological thriller genre, Shutter Island almost always comes up. Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie is the epitome of gut-wrenching and mind-bending and in the end, Shutter Island isn’t what you think.

American Psycho

If brutal murder in civilized society is your cup of tea, then American Psycho is the movie for you. With Christian Bale as the American psycho, this bone-chilling thriller will leave you questioning your own sanity.


Another one of Christopher Nolan’s cinematic masterpieces, Memento is a psychological trip which bends the very fabric of space and time in an empty way that leaves you yearning for more.

The Sixth Sense

Probably M. Night Shyamalan’s most famous movie, The Sixth Sense is as unnerving as it is thought-provoking. Go in with no expectations.


For those with deep interest in human psychology, Split is the perfect movie. James McAvoy (Wanted) delivers an Oscar eligible performance as a twisted character suffering from dissociative identity disorder… on a massive scale.

Get Out

If satirical horror is what you’re searching for, look no further than Get Out. With Key and Peeles’ Jordan Peele heading the project, the movie can’t help but add humorous undertones to an overall dark premise.

The Village

If you are feeling a thriller movie that dips more into the realm of horror, then this is the experience for the occasion. I say experience because that is exactly what The Village is. A disturbing haunting experience that will stay with you even after the credits have rolled.


Drive is a fast-paced crime thriller, starring Ryan Gosling as the man behind the wheel in another one of his gripping performances. Boasting stunning visuals, Drive is a must see for any cinematic savant.

The Loft

The Loft, currently on Netflix, shows us that a movie doesn’t have to be good to be entertaining. Featuring Karl Urban (Star Trek Beyond) in a role he really fits, there isn’t much to take away from The Loft except the sensation of being thrilled.


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