The Top 8 Places to Cry on Campus

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Times are tough — a global pandemic, thousands of Zoom calls and homework to top it off — it’s okay if you need to cry it out. Here are some PLNU student-endorsed spots to shed a tear.

8. The community garden at Nease

Pros: You’re surrounded by calming nature and the nice California weather, which just soothes the tears out. 

Cons: You could be startled by a family of raccoons (although this could be a pro depending on how much you love Loma’s trash pandas). Also beware of cacti. Accidently sitting on one would probably make you cry harder. 

7. The back of the PLNU shuttle

Genevive will probably comfort you; Thomas might interrogate and judge you. On the plus side, the terrible static noise of the radio and the worrisome clicking of the engine will distract you from the crippling doubts and fears that caused you to cry in the first place. 

6. The daycare playground 

Your sobs will mix with the wailing children and no one will know! 

5. Ryan Library

If you’re studious but still sad, this is the place for you. Time management is key! 

4. The laundry room 

Productive criers are real. If you’re washing something and want some alone time out of your dorm, the laundry room’s fluorescent lighting is great to make you look washed out and even worse than usual! The sound of clothes being bashed around in a metal prison is particularly soothing when paired with wails and lamentations. 

3. A dorm stall shower 

The echo of your sobs is quite sobering and the cold tile floors give it a detached feel, if that’s what you’re looking for. On the downside, COVID-19 has put a damper on one of our favorite crying spots, as bathroom time is limited to 10 minutes. So, if you need a quick sob before going back to schoolwork, a shower stall might just be the place for you. 

2. The prayer chapel

If you want to revel in silence where no one will judge you, or you just need some time with the man upstairs, the prayer chapel is calling your name! The acoustics are nice and echoey too, so if you want the feeling of other people crying with you, but don’t actually want to initiate a cry club, the sounds of your own sobs echoing should work just fine.

1.  The legendary cliffs of Loma 

Looking for a great view while your eyes well up with tears? The cliffs are perfect! Consider going at sunset for a bonus blurring of orange and pink tones in your watery eyes. 

Even better if you can find a dark, damp cave to sit in so the crabs and barnacles can listen to you whimper and cry!  

Bonus spot for aspiring musicians! Check out the practice rooms: 

These rooms are sound insulated so they’re perfect for screaming and cursing your enemies! If someone asks you what you were doing you can just say you were trying opera for the first time.

Written by: Jessie Taylor, Rachel Grace Heckle, Isabella Luciani