The Story Behind the Storyteller

PLNU student featured on humans of loma 12/10/19

Conversations at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) often stir about the latest happenings. A hot topic of interest includes… Who is behind the mysterious Instagram account, @humans.of.loma? Humans of Loma is an anonymous Instagram page that highlights PLNU’s community and stories that often go unheard. The PLNU student, who values autonomy, gives a voice to their fellow students through the humanities Instagram page. 

I got the chance to talk to the creator of Humans of Loma. Inspired by the humanitarian photoblog, Humans of New York, the PLNU student felt inclined to start one of their own. “I read Humans of New York and immediately thought we need this at Loma. We need to strive for diverse conversations and stories that connect us.” Their drive to open up a conversational platform stemmed from their negative experiences of Freshman year. “I used to really not like Loma. I thought if we started a conversation about things that really mattered, it would help me realize why I’m here.” PLNU students can learn from the Humans of Loma creator. We all need to take a step back and reflect on what makes our experiences significant. From this, we can better understand one another. 

How does Humans of Loma create their content? The creator pays special attention to friends and acquaintances that have a unique voice or a particular stance on subjects. They say, “I will message them on Instagram and ask them if they’re willing to interview. I record the interview, transcribe it, share it with the subject, take a natural photo, and post.” From there, it is up to the page’s following on how it is perceived. Simply put, the creator personifies themselves as “just the messenger.” 

Humans of Loma receives a lot of positive feedback. The creator says, “It’s funny because I’ll hear people talk about it in meetings or classes. Some people will even bring it up to me without knowing it’s me.” People are talking. The conversation is stirring. Humans of Loma’s goal is accomplished. “It makes me happy that people are listening to others and taking that into consideration when forming their perspectives on the Loma experience.” 

What does the future of Humans of Loma look like? “I hope it keeps going on as long as possible. My main concern is who will take over when I graduate, but I don’t need to figure that out yet.” What started off as a simple Instagram page turned into one that will leave a legacy for the PLNU community to come. 

If you have a story that you feel is of value to the PLNU community, reach out to @humans.of.loma on Instagram.