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The Shortcuts to Save Time and Grades

Sleeping through three consecutive alarms in the morning felt so refreshing until the “Grade Changed: Roll Call Attendance” notification from Canvas pops up on your phone.


Running late may be taboo, but finding the quickest paths to your next class can help with the process. The following paths are a few shortcuts around the PLNU campus that are easily accessible from different parts of the university at all times of your school schedule. Despite popular belief, taking the “easier way out” might just work in your favor.


The Alley:

At the bottom of the stairs leading from the Golden Gym lies a shortcut to the athletic fields that is a few feet wide between the fencing of the tennis courts and the Athletic Training Center. Not only does traveling this route seem to shave off a few moments of walking around the training center entirely, but also avoids the traffic of other students as well.


The Wooden Staircase: Ever coming from the area around Finch Hall? Do yourself a favor and avoid the hill. Right across from the Finch shuttle stop is a wooden staircase that leads directly to the Bresee Alumni Lawn. Once reached, walk through the lawn and follow the paved sidewalk passed Draper and toward Mieras Hall. The destination will be reached upon sighting of the main crosswalk leading to Nease Hall. Although this route isn’t too far off from the time it would take to brace the hill, this scenic route will leave you smelling and feeling much better in comparison. As a fellow classmate and friend—we all truly appreciate it.


The Shortcut to Keller: The exit from the main entrance of the Golden Gym may just be a deal breaker. Choose the thin staircase on the right-hand side instead and follow the steps up and through into the Keller Arts area and toward Caf Lane. On the detour, there may be a few pieces of unfinished artwork left by students, but a little artistic motivation in the morning for a pedestrian might do more good than harm.


The Bond Staircase: Finally found a parking spot in the commuter lot near the Bond Academic Center? Take the larger staircase attached to the back of Bond, walk in and through the long hallway in the building and out of the double doors to Caf Lane.


The Young Hall Shortcut: There are absolutely no shortcuts. Be well aware of the shuttle schedule or be a minimum of fifteen minutes late to class.


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