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The Quest for the Best Cali Burrito

At Loma, eating a California burrito is a rite of passage to become a true San Diego resident. However, not every Cali burrito is created equal.

PLNU sophomore Nathan Godde, a self-proclaimed Cali burrito connoisseur, is passionately searching for the perfect “Cali B.” He has tried nine different burrito spots and has roughly two burritos per week. According to Godde, a dietetics major, carne asada, french fries, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole is “the perfect blend of ingredients.”

To determine burrito quality, Godde says price, register decor and ingredient freshness are all factors. For your burrito enlightenment, we ranked nine Cali burritos around San Diego with the help of our burrito aficionado.

  1. Tony’s Fresh Mexican Food – Rosecrans St. – $6.99

Godde wasn’t a fan of this Cali burrito, so we’ll skip the quotes and note that Tony’s is open 24 hours, perfect for late nights studying.

  1. Roberto’s Taco Shop – Ocean Beach – $6.95

This drive-thru is also open 24 hours, but their burrito doesn’t have pico de gallo or guacamole. Regardless, Godde said their meat was ten out of ten.

  1. Cotija’s Cocina Mexicana – Voltaire St. – $7.99

Five minutes from campus, Cotija’s boasts a huge menu. Godde was disappointed with the “elephant-sized burrito, mouse-sized flavor,” but he’ll be back to try their other options.

  1. Lucha Libre Taco Shop – Mission Hills – $9.50

Lucha Libre has three locations around San Diego and offers several variations of the Cali burrito. Godde said, “good burrito, really good ambiance.”

  1. Cotija’s Taco Shop – Carmel Valley – $9.18

This one is different from Cotija’s Cocina Mexicana, and Godde ranked it higher because of the guacamole, which he said is “a defining factor.”

  1. Nico’s Mexican Food – Ocean Beach – $4.30

At around four dollars, it’s perfect for college students debating between tuition payments and burrito funds. It also ranks high on Godde’s list due to the “harmony of all the flavors.”

  1. Cecilia’s Taqueria – Liberty Station – $10.00

Technically a carne asada burrito on the menu, this one still has the necessary elements to be an honorary Cali burrito. Godde said it’s worth the mention because “they melt the cheese in the burrito. It’s different but amazing.”

  1. Ortiz’s Taco Shop – Voltaire St. – $5.00

Close to campus and delicious, it’s a weekend staple. Godde said if you’re a carne asada fanatic specifically, this is your paradise.

  1. Adalberto’s Mexican Food – Rosecrans St. – $7.50

According to Godde, “the best Cali burrito in California. It’s perfection.” Enough said.

For Godde, the California burrito represents more than a satisfying meal. He says burrito runs changed his college experience for the better. Godde said, “In terms of mental health, I think it’s great for you. Physical health might be a different story.” Despite health concerns, we can’t always depend on good grades, enough sleep or the shuttle schedule, but a Cali burrito will always be there for you.

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Rebecca is the editor-in-chief of The Point and a freelance writer. She is a senior at PLNU majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in public relations.

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