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The Movies of Summer 2019 That We Loved (and Didn’t)

Detective Pikachu:

This movie split audiences and critics alike. Many thought it was a strange, but a good introduction to the franchise. The rest of us were there to witness Ryan Reynolds’ voice coming out of Pikachu.


I saw this remake two times. And the original three times. It’s all a fun, colorful blur that makes me miss Robin Williams.


Directed by Olivia Wilde, this movie has strong themes of loyalty and friendship. It was well-received and considered a “sleeper hit” due to audiences not realizing what they were missing until it was almost out of theaters. 


This monster flick received 50/50 reviews because about 50 percent of it was good. The CGI was stunning and Millie Bobby Brown knocked it out of the park. The writing and plot left audiences wondering if they even wanted to understand what was going on.


The audience can feel Elton John’s influence on this biopic with the stunning musical numbers and blinding costumes. Well received in the box office, this movie somehow made less of a splash than Bohemian Rhapsody while being equally as entertaining.

Toy Story 4:

This movie unsurprisingly did very well; Pixar can’t lose when they combine nostalgia and a theme of undying friendship. Forky throwing himself in the garbage over and over again won over many millennial hearts that came to relive their childhoods.

Spider-Man: Far From Home:

This one is a sore subject at the moment with the tension between Sony and Marvel over the web-slinger. However, the flick that could be Tom Holland’s last turn as Peter Parker with Marvel did remarkably well with audiences. It was fun and heartwarming, and Jake Gyllenhall gave us a strong older presence as Mysterio that Iron Man can no longer offer.

The Lion King:

Despite what people keep saying, this was not a “live-action remake” (though I understand why you want to say this). This movie is just a test in the limits of CGI with Beyonce added like a cherry on top. 


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