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The LEAP Program at PLNU

A small number of freshmen students each year are chosen to be a part of the LEAP program at PLNU. The LEAP program prepares students in numerous ways, such as teaching the foundations of college, prioritizing, test-taking skills and so much more.

LEAP stands for Learning Experiences for Academic Progress. This program is for freshmen students who are on the borderline of being accepted to PLNU. It provides an on-campus support system for the students, gives the students an advantage in what is expected by professors, as well as teaches students how to set expectations for themselves.

“I believe that the LEAP program does help tremendously,” said Ashley Nielson, former LEAP student at PLNU. “It helps them find a close-knit community to adapt to and feel comfortable with during their transition into freshmen year. This program helps them become extremely close with all of their professors and that is something that not many freshmen experience their first year.”

The LEAP program helps students who would not get into the school due to being on the borderline of acceptance. PLNU wants these students because they think that they would be a great addition to the University’s study body. In order for the University to accept them, they must be in the LEAP program their freshmen year.

“The main goal for the LEAP program is to help the students recognize their future and make sure that they have as much support as possible,” said Jon Manning, director of PLNU LEAP program. “We want to guide the students and give them all the tools to be successful.”

LEAP students have to pay their tuition, plus an extra four hundred dollars specifically for the program. The four hundred dollars only covers a fraction of the costs spent on the students. The money covers student employee costs, the extra LEAP classes that instructors teach and even social events.

“As a former LEAP student, I strongly believe that LEAP students should not pay extra to be in the program,” said Karen William. “Point Loma says the program is conditional. There are many restrictions that are placed on LEAP students like maximum units and being unable to choose a major. Point Loma is already an expensive school. Many of the students come from minority backgrounds in which finances may be a struggle. For Point Loma to add even more of a tuition to already struggling students is slightly ruthless and plays into why students transfer schools.”

Many students have made lasting friendships by having the opportunity to be in the LEAP program, as well as made lasting bonds with professors, learned preparation methods for college and the real world, and were given an experience that will never be lost.

Article written by PLNU student Savannah Ames..


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