The Halloween Movie Guide for this Spooky Season

Halle Peters, a senior education major, has a love for Halloween unlike any other. At 12:00 am on Oct. 1, she danced to Spooky Scary Skeletons and decorated her room with pumpkins and signs. Later that day, dressed in a pumpkin headband and ghost sweat-shirt, Peters laid out her top ten PG Halloween movies that everyone must see.

Halle’s Top Ten Halloween Movies: 

  1. Hocus Pocus:

A must watch for all Halloween lovers. It features three iconic witches trying to stir up trouble after accidentally being freed by a teen, Max Dennison. These witches are witful and fun! One of the main themes is the love between brothers and sisters who work together to keep the town and each other safe. This movie is the perfect combination of entertaining and creepy, just don’t watch on an empty stomach (my 5th grade self couldn’t handle the eye soup potion).

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie takes a classic Halloween tale and twists it into a heartwarming story about Jack Skellington. Sick of his own life, Jack searches for a new life and a new identity. In doing so he stumbles upon Christmas town. In a desperate attempt to be rid of his mundane tasks and status and Halloween town, Jack takes on a new identity. In the end, Jack, unsuccessful in his initial Christmas takeover, brings new life to his own work in Halloween town and in doing so, renews his motivation and purpose.

  1. Halloween Town

A young girl, Marty, has a suppressed love for Halloween and a strange intuition about herself. Her grandma visits every Halloween and also keeps a strange secret side. Finally, she follows her grandma home to Halloweentown, the only place where witches and other supernatural creatures lead a normal life. With strong themes of family and the love between a mother and daughter, this movie shows that love is basically magic. 

  1. Twitches

Tia and Tamera Mowry are twin sisters who, separated at birth, reunite on their 21st birthday. To save their land from the dark forces at play, they must join powers and fight for the good of their world. This movie is full of iconic early 2000’s outfits and bad rhymes, along with nostalgia that hits home for anyone who grew up watching Disney channel shows and movies. 

  1. Parnorman 

Norman Babcock prefers the company of the dead and has the ability to speak with them. Although this movie seems like a simple tale about a boy with a strange ability, it also deals with heavy topics like the Salem witch trials and accepting oneself for who they truly are. As the movie progresses Norman realizes he can use his gifts to help people and eventually accepts who he is. 

  1. Monster House

Monster House follows the story of three kids who try to save their neighborhood after accidentally discovering that their neighbor’s house comes alive. A cranky but lovable elderly neighbor, three kids and a sentient house that terrorizes the neighborhood are the characters that make this movie unforgettable. These characters drive the action and story forward, instead of jump scares, and the audience gets a deep look at life and love in the form of an evil house. 

  1. Hotel Transylvania 

With a cast featuring Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg and Kevin James, this movie is bound to be good. Count Dracula throws a party for his daughter Mavis’ 118th birthday. While they are celebrating a human wanders into the hotel and falls head over heels in love with Mavis. Full of teen angst and forbidden love, Hotel Transylvania explores what it means to be different and how families can come together in love. 

  1. Haunted Mansion

A classic early 2000’s childhood favorite, this movie is full of heartwarming humor and jump scares. On vacation, a friendly workaholic real-estate agent father, Eddie Murphy, takes his family for a trip they’ll never forget. The family is taken on twists and turns as they try to figure out the truth behind the house’s haunted history. This movie also features a scarily-good butler, and a Romeo and Juliet love story with a twist. 

  1. Corpse Bride

While nervously practicing his vows in the forest, Victor Van Dort accidentally places his ring on a corpse. By doing so, Victor gains a wife in the land of the dead and leaves his betrothed, Victoria Everglots, in the land of the living. Because of the social pressures on his arranged marriage to Victoria, through this estrangement Victor learns the value of marrying for love rather than status. 

  1. Casper the Friendly ghost (The 1995 version)

Trying to start a new life after the death of his wife, Dr. James Harvey, an afterlife therapist, and his daughter Kat move into an old mansion plagued by dark spirits. While living there, a friendly ghost of a young boy named Casper introduces himself to Kat. Casper helps protect Kat and her dad from his evil uncles Stretch, Fatso and Stinky. Through this adventure, Casper helped Kat realize that by keeping good memories in your heart, those that have passed stay with us.

By: Ally Andre