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The Cliffs

Sunset cliffs. A special place. A short walk from any of the on-campus dorms. Many of my first year evenings were spent exploring these formations. The tidepools teeming with life, and small waves are constantly seeping in.

It’s a wonderful place to go and relax, and sweep away the day’s stresses. There are many types of people to find down at the cliffs, and they’re all there to enjoy the beauty and peace one can find, down on the ocean. There are the old surfers, who have been going to those breaks since they were boys, and there are the young Loma student surfers, there to have a fun time with their friends on the Wave Storm boards.

There are the groups of kids just there to sit on the cliffs, on their blankets, and listen to music and watch the sun sink below the horizon, amidst talk and laughter. There is the lone individual, there to reflect on their own internal storms, and finding solace among the seagulls on the cliffs.

There is the dog walker, smiling while their dog runs around sniffing and chasing said seagulls. There is the couple, sitting and leaning against each other while gazing out at the flitting clouds, in contentment because of each other’s company.

There are so many people, all of different backgrounds, come to enjoy this beautiful place called Sunset Cliffs, nestled in San Diego, California, a small gem, of many, in this huge city. I have taken many photos of my adventures down to the cliffs, and always had an enjoyable time taking them. Below are just a few of many moments captured. I hope you can feel what I feel when I look at these photos.



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