The Amalfi Coast Comes to PLNU

Photo courtesy of professor Spinelli.

Ciao Lomans! 

Point Loma Nazarene University offers many classes to its students. Within the Literature, Journalism, Writing, and Languages (LJWL) department are courses such as Greek, Hebrew, Spanish and French language classes. Last semester, the LJWL department added Italian as a course. With advising upon the PLNU population, the creator of the course, Professor Marianna Spinelli, shares what the new class has to offer students.

Spinelli has been teaching French at PLNU for ten years and worked to devise the curriculum for the brand new Italian course last semester. 

The Point: Why is it important to learn about other languages and cultures?

Spinelli: Learning a language means being able to welcome others, their cultures, their traditions and their way of thinking. A language is the key to acceptance of diversity. Languages enrich humans because they help build a solid foundation for mutual understanding and respect.

TP: What was the preparation process like when creating this new Italian class from scratch?

Spinelli: It took me an entire summer to create this program and I am just talking about ITA 1001. I had to research, implement and add material to the course presented in the textbook in order to make it more appealing and relevant to the students. I looked up Youtube videos with songs, grammar explanations, games and activities that could add content to the program in terms of vocab, grammar and culture.

TP: Why should students take Italian as opposed to any of the other languages offered here?

Spinelli: Italian is a very beautiful language to start with. Its beauty is reflected in the passion Italians have for their gastronomy, art, music and fashion. Italian is the language of love and is the language of us being human.

TP: Why is Italian so important to you?

Spinelli: Italian is the language we spoke at home, the language of my parents and grandparents, brother, sisters and cousins. It’s my heritage.

To find this class on Workday look for LAN 1001/1002. It is not labeled under ITA.

Written By: Madelyn Walthall