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Surfer of the Week- Jayme O’Hanlon

Jayme is one of those people. Whenever you see her paddling out, you’re going to see a great session. She paddles out on her brightly hand-painted and scripture-covered board with a positivity and happy vibe that is infectious. It’s almost guaranteed that while waiting for a wave to come, Jayme will strike up a deep and meaningful conversation that you will carry with you even after the surf session is complete. Jayme is also part of the Lady Sliders of Loma, a group of women surfers from PLNU who put together surf edits, paddle out with each other, and support one another in any way they need. They are a group that truly envelopes what surfing is all about.

Age: 21

Years Surfing: 6

Current Residence: RA in Young

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

Favorite Surfboard Right Now: Rockin’ Fig 6’6 twin fin fish

What’s your favorite wave and what’s your dream wave? “My favorite wave right now is Tourmaline up in Pacific Beach. It’s a really mellow wave that is perfect for longboarding. My dream wave would be J-Bay in South Africa with nobody out except me and some close friends.

Favorite Surfer: Stephanie Gilmore


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