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Surfer of the Week- Danny Moore

You wouldn’t expect one of Point Loma’s most eccentric and outgoing surfers to be from Idaho, but you guessed wrong. Danny Moore is known for being one of the few surfers to wear only board shorts and a T-shirt in freezing water that would scare most fully equipped surfers. Danny brings a positive vibe every time he paddles out in the ocean, getting everyone out there excited, smiling, and laughing the whole time. Taking inspiration from the Sandlot movies, Danny includes the whole crowd with him as he enjoys his time surfing quality waves just in front of our school. He has a fun and easy-going approach to surfing as he glides his way down a wave on his longboard (also known as a log).

Age: 20

Years Surfing: 6

Current Residence: Young Hall

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Favorite Surfboard Right Now: 9’3” longboard

What’s your favorite wave and what’s your dream wave? “My favorite wave right now is the whitewash at Pipeline. Dream wave would be [a] glassy 3 to 4 foot left breaking waves all day in a secret cove that nobody knows how to get to, except for all the boys. So it’s just the boys out there! Sandlot vibes in the water, just hooting and hollering all day and eating fresh poke afterward.”

Favorite Surfer: Alex Knost

Social: @thedannymoore


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