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Students sell burritos on campus

Two students started a business in Wiley Hall’s kitchen to make and deliver burritos to PLNU’s hungry on-campus residents on Fridays and Saturdays.

The students who started the business, Josh Burgner, a senior international development studies major, and Josh Lam, a senior computer science major, christened the burrito service Lomarritos. The idea started as a project for their entrepreneurship class.

“We had to come up with a business idea for our business class , but Josh and I decided to actually implement it,” said Burgner.

Chip Pitkin, resident director of Wiley Hall, supported their decision to open up Lomarritos in Wiley Hall.

“I think it’s great that students are utilizing their resources that they have on campus,” said Pitkin.

Before opening Lomarritos, Lam and Burgner were concerned about the success of their business.

“We knew we didn’t have a lot of space and since we’re working from the residence hall, we have to share the kitchen,” said Lam. “‘What if [people] don’t buy our burritos?’ I was definitely nervous because we bought [so much] meat.”

Despite these doubts, Burgner and Lam opened Lomarritos for business on Saturday, Nov. 15. With business hours from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., the entrepreneurs feed students overcome by late-night munchies. The burritos cost $5.49.

“Once that first order came in, it was sweet,” said Lam. “It’s amazing what you can do with not much at all.”

By the time Lomarritos closed on Sunday, Nov. 16, they were sold out. Lam and Burgner had reached their goal of selling 36 burritos.

In its second weekend of production, Lomarritos sold out in less than three hours.

“I was surprised by the response we got back. It’s really exciting,” said Lam.

Clayton Batts, a freshman accounting major at PLNU, ordered from Lomarritos on its inaugural weekend and was impressed by the system Burgner and Lam developed for deliveries.

“You order the burrito on your phone, they text you when it is made and then when it is at your dorm, so you know it’s fresh,” said Batts.

Lomarritos announced through its Facebook page on Nov. 19 that 10 percent of its profits would be donated to the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund, which is raising money to cover tuition at PLNU for a survivor of sex trafficking.

Burgner hopes to donate to more charities in the future, including those that support veterans.

People interested in buying a burrito from Lomarritos can visit their website,, for business hours and to order.