Spring Break Build: Building faith

Twenty-seven PLNU participants worked on the Spring Break Build, held in San Vicente, Baja California, a town one hour south of Ensenada, March 8-14. The team helped build a sanctuary building that was 34 feet by 100 feet. PLNU participants included President Bob Brower, Mary Paul, and other PLNU faculty and staff. The Lazarian World Homes Team, a nonprofit that builds homes all over the world, led by Chad Coil and Pastor Alejandro Torres, students from SENAMEX (a Nazarene Seminary in Tecate, MEX) and local members of the Nazarene Church in San Vicente with Pastor Jose Ledesma Vera also worked with the PLNU team. Here’s what they wanted to tell The Point about the trip:

“It was beautiful to see a group of people from different parts sharing in ministry together. God was present in our time together in building, in worship, in our conversations and we all left with a greater understanding of what it means to be the body of Christ.”

-Esteban Trujillo , associate director of international ministries

“I really felt like I saw the family of God clearly as we all came together from different places and different languages to work towards the same goal. Also, when you work hard alongside people, you get to really see their character and appreciate their personalities in a more raw setting. Sometimes that means they are all sweaty and gross, but more often you simply get to know them as they are without any restrictions.”

-Tierra Teter, freshman

“The Spring Break Build is something that I look forward to every year and this year was so amazing. It’s incredible to see the ways in which God moves through people. Sixteen Loma students, Dr. Brower and his wife Linda, Esteban and the Physical Plant guys worked very hard in the hot sun to build a huge church. We didn’t just build a church; we got to build intentional relationships, really ponder what it means to be cross-cultural Brothers and Sisters and realize the beautiful and extraordinary ways in which God works in the world through His people.”

-McKenna Vandewalle, junior

“When I signed up for Spring Break Build, it was a leap of faith. I was very conscious that I was giving up a week with my friends at the beach on vacation to do construction instead. As the week progressed, the feeling that I was giving up a fun week to do hard physical work vanished. I found myself among new friends, having fun while getting work done and so much more restored spiritually and mentally than I would’ve had I chosen a more traditionally relaxing plan for my week. Spring Break Build will remain an extremely memorable and blessed part of my time at PLNU.”

-Chelsie Oren, senior

“Spring Break build was an unforgettable experience! Not only did our group of students become one big familia by the end but it was also cool meeting people from Mexico and not always knowing what the other was saying but still having one purpose: to serve an awesome Creator.

-Cici Holmquist, freshman