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Solomon Theatre Presents: “Women of Lockerbie”

The dress rehearsals have commenced and the stage is prepared for show time! PLNU’s spring production “Women of Lockerbie” is based on a true story and follows the journey of a grieving mother who is looking for the remains of her son who died in the explosion of the Pan Am 103 air plane in Scotland in 1988. She meets the women of Lockerbie and together they fight for the right to wash and return the belongings of the victims of the plane wreckage.

This play reveals the reality and process of grieving and how unfortunate circumstances can bring together strangers to fight for what they believe. The stage is mounted with cascading green hills and is accompanied by seven student actors who portray the bravery and resilience of the women of Lockerbie.

“We all experience very personal losses and I think this play addresses that as well,” said senior Taylor Spencer.

Spencer, who plays Hatti in the play, explains that this play is about a community recovering from a traumatic event.

“I think that this is an appropriate story for certain events that have happened recently… Our hope is that people would be able to grieve too and be able to find hope after any circumstance or something that is traumatic in their lives,” said Spencer.

To watch this play that tackles the tension between justice, love and triumph be sure to schedule it into your calendar. The play will run April 4–6 and 11–12 at 7 p.m. and April 13 at 2 p.m. in Solomon Theatre. Tickets are $10 on opening night and $13 all other performances.

PLNU professor and first-time director Arnica Laurice said that she believes that this play is timely and relatable.

“[The story] is so important for our time and so powerful… We don’t really have a place to deal with… and process this kind of grief. And I feel like this play did such a beautiful job is speaking to the pain, healing, and humanity and faith that carries us through,” Laurice said. “I wanted to offer this play as something to the community as a space to process and recognize the incredible strength and faith of the women of Lockerbie.”


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