Six places to run in San Diego


There’s nothing as quintessentially San Diegan as running with a view. Spring is finally here and what better time is it than to go running outside. The Point has come up with several places where you should go running. If you want to mix up the trails you visit or amplify your run then check these places out. So what are you waiting for, kick on those shoes and hit the trails.


Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs is the optimal place to run during a ding ding ding….sunset. It provides a coastal breeze accompanied with a view. The run is approximately three miles long so it attracts many college aged or new runners.

Start your run at Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and Hill St.


Balboa Park

While this place is known main- ly for its museums or December

Nights, it is also a great place to fun. With an open plaza, and lots of different trails this is an optimal course, some 5k’s are even held here. If running here one can be prepared to zip and zag through tourists to pass by historic land- marks, museums, and greenery. Start your run near the Natural His- tory Museum.


Pacific Beach

This area has a busy, fun-filled boardwalk with pedestrians, bikers

and mothers with strollers. But don’t let the busy-ness discourage you, whale and dolphin sightings are not a rarity and there are shacks to stop on the way to get hydrated. If you’re not an avid runner or need to slow down for a walk from time to time, this is the place for you.

Start your run near Crystal Pier off of Ocean Blvd.


Lake Poway

Now this is the place to go if you are looking for something different.

The lake is full of hills, picnics and ducks! It is a popular destination on the weekends for families and run- ners who are looking for a challenge. Start your run off of Lake Poway Road near the NCSP Indoor Soccer Park.


Coronado Beach

Coronado isn’t just a beautiful place to visit but it’s also a calming run with

a beachy, comfortable vibe. Not only do you get to run past the historic Hotel Del, but you also get to run past the beach (a perfect resting spot if you need to catch your breath).

Start your run near Hotel Del.


Torrey Pines State Beach

Many people hike here, but it is also an ideal spot to run. Not only does it have various trails, but the end prize leads you on a thin strand to the clear waters of La Jolla. The real workout comes on the way back to the car when you have to walk uphill to get to the trail back toward the lot. Don’t worry, there’s a little hill down to help you recover your breath. Start your run right from the parking lot off of Pacific Highway.






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