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Senior Worship Arts Interns

Alex Warren

The Point: How has your worship arts experience helped you grow spiritually and/or musically?

Alex Warren: My experience with worship arts has definitely shown me the importance of unity within corporate worship and has pushed me spiritually to really try and be sensitive to whatever the Holy Spirit has for a particular worship set. It was a stretch for me only being a vocalist trying to communicate with band members what I wanted instrumentally–but so grateful for the growth that came from that, such a privilege and still have so much more to learn!

Noah Daniels

The Point: What kind of an impact has worship arts made on your experience at PLNU?

Noah Daniels: Worship arts has provided me with much needed community. As a transfer, it was amazing to be able to connect with a group of like-minded people all trying to serve the Lord before ever even taking a class at Loma. Without my participation in worship arts on campus, I may have never met my roommates, had so many ministerial opportunities, or have met my beautiful bride-to-be.

Kerri Rutherford

The Point: What has been your favorite part about being involved in worship arts at PLNU?

Kerri Rutherford: My favorite part about being involved in worship arts at PLNU has been learning how to be intentional in my leadership every step of the way. Under the leadership of my boss, George Williamson, I’ve been able to witness first-hand the amount of thought that goes into every facet of a worship service. In Worship Arts, we are always learning and adapting, but in everything we strive to be intentional with our love, knowing that it directly affects our community here. I know that because of my time learning here, I will aim to carry that intentionality in my ministry for the rest of my life. It has been a convicting and transformative experience.


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