Senior Reflection series: Wes Turner

As I collect my thoughts and dig through old memories, it feels strange to start writing this. Am I really writing a senior reflection? My senior reflection? Reflecting is something you do with your best friends in Denny’s at 2 a.m. after getting lost while night surfing off the cliffs of Young Hall. Reflecting is something you do after sneaking into the Hendricks Hall attic with your friends. Essentially, reflection means that the adventure has now passed, faded into memory.

But what an adventure it has been.

One of my favorite experiences during college was studying abroad in Costa Rica my junior year. I experienced the challenge of speaking a foreign language 24/7, the thrill of seeing the sun rise over the tallest mountain in Panama, the fun of dancing merengue and bachata every Thursday night with friends I had met from all over the states and the lifelong bond my host family and I created. Studying abroad taught me to make the most of every day, to gain a better appreciation for my place in the world and to really live. To those reading this who are considering studying abroad, follow Nike and JUST DO IT. It will change your life.

Upon returning to Point Loma, I was excited to reconnect with them and renew my lifelong friendships. I learned to make the most of my senior year with my friends, camping and backpacking every chance we could. Though I could fill my short slot here with awesome stories, I would be negating the fact that the little experiences I had at Point Loma are what I will carry long after graduating. The daily dorm pranks and hall sports we played in Hendricks, the inspiring classroom lectures with Tim Hall and Dan Bothe and the gorgeous Caf Lane sunsets that I knew would be flooding Instagram shortly after. All these experiences and more would not have been possible without the amazing friendships I have made at PLNU.

Just like my journey in Costa Rica came to an end, so will my time at Point Loma. However, graduation is not the end of the story. Graduation will give way to new adventures and growth. For me, I plan on living in San Diego for a short amount of time and returning to Latin America. I want to teach abroad and, ultimately, use my degree to help create a community where people can get together and enjoy life. I am thankful to have called Point Loma my home over the last four years. Now let’s go have another adventure.

Turner is a senior business administration major with a focus in entrepreneurship. He is an avid musician, burrito enthusiast and thrives on making a difference in the lives of people around him.