Senior Reflection: Lindsay Honea

The Point Weekly will be featuring several reflections written by graduating seniors, giving the campus a chance to learn of student’s experiences at PLNU.


Lindsay Honea


Point Loma has been such a great experience for me in every aspect of my life. After high school I knew that I wanted to leave home and explore a new path from what I knew, and I had always hoped that it would be at Point Loma Nazarene University. Both of my parents are alumni of PLNU and I had heard nothing but great things about the friends and memories they made, the staff, the beauty of the school, and most of all that it was a great Christian environment.

College is typically the chapter in life where people really dig into who they are and who they want to be in the future. It is a time of experimenting, experiencing, and growing. I knew that I wanted to choose a college that would allow me to do those things in a way that would ultimately lead me onto the path that God wants for me. I am so thankful that I am able to look back now and say that that is exactly what Point Loma has done.

I am excited about where I am now and where I am going and I know that so much of that is because of the people that have surrounded me. I have made so many friends who have challenged me to grow as a person and in my faith. Many of those people are those that I am with on the track everyday. Coach Arvin has been such a great inspiration to me and has taught me many lessons. I am so thankful for the servant’s heart that he has and for him giving me the opportunity to be on his team and at this school. He is also responsible for recruiting all of the wonderful track athletes that I have been blessed to compete with and make relationships with. The teams have changed throughout the years, but the Christ-centered and family atmosphere has always been there.

It has been such a great experience, not only competing with the ladies on my team, but growing with them in other aspects too. That has been a major highlight for me during all of my time here. I will never forget the relationships that I have made on and off the track and for the growth that I have had while on this journey to finding myself as an adult and who I want to be from here forward. I am forever changed by my experiences and owe so much of that to the people that have invested in my life here at Point Loma University including teachers and staff, coaches, teammates, and friends. It has truly been a blessing be a Point Loma Student and will hold that high as an alumni for the rest of my life.