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Q&A with Grace Brady

Grace Brady is a freshman center for the PLNU Women’s Basketball team. She recently recorded a triple-double against Holy Names, finishing with 14 points, 10 rebounds and 10 blocks. This is the fourth triple-double in PLNU history, and as a result, Grace was recognized as the PacWest Player of the Week. She has also been named PacWest Freshman of the Week earlier in the season. This season, Grace is averaging 7.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 3.04 blocks per game, and she ranks ninth in the nation for blocks per game.

The Point: On a team level, how do you feel that this season has gone?

Grace Brady: I think that we have definitely had a lot of challenges. We have had to adapt and do our best to get through it for the better, so we are really proud of where we have gotten.

TP: With the winning streak you guys have been on and with the postseason coming up, what are some of your goals as a team?

GB: We don’t necessarily have specific things, but our goal would just be to take it day by day, do our best because we have already overcome a lot, and we do not want to get caught up looking too far ahead. Then obviously, we want to try to ride our momentum and go as far as we can with the season.

TP: For you personally, how has it been adjusting to college basketball coming from high school?

GB: Even within the season, a big adjustment for me has been just stepping up at my position because we had a former player that quit midseason. So, I have had to step up and get more playing time and do my part to try and make sure that the team is still able to perform well and get wins. One thing that is a lot different from high school is that there is a lot more expected of me, in terms of effort, attitude, and then to perform individually and also make the team better.

TP: How does it feel to be getting recognition for your accomplishments over the past couple weeks?

GB: It’s been really great, and it has been a lot of fun throughout our season. I am really thankful that I was able to achieve that, but I still hope that we can finish out the season well and that I can keep doing my best.

TP: In the game against Holy Names, were you aware that you were getting close to a triple-double or at what point did you find out?

GB: I was not aware until maybe the last five minutes or so. My teammates told me that I was getting close when I came out of the game for a few minutes, and then I was put back in at the end to finish the job.


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