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‘Pop in with the President’ brings students into ASB

ASB President mcKensey Wise started off her term by welcoming any student, faculty or staff to gather in her office every other Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. and talk over a bag of freshly popped popcorn.

The event, called “Pop In with the President,” is hosted in Wise’s office, which is located on the third floor of Nicholson Commons across from the Spiritual Development offices.

“So as the ASB office, it is our job to work for the students so we want to be accessible and available for the students,” said Wise. “We hope this is one way we can make students comfortable coming to the offices and hanging out whenever they want.”

Wise noted that part of her motivation for creating this intentional space and time for communication was because prior to her election, she was unaware that there were ASB offices and office hours, five hours a week, for students to talk to their student government.

President Brower, though unavailable to attend himself, showed his full support for the event.

“[Pop In] is a great strategy to encourage communication and conversation. I believe it will be a great opportunity for students and the campus community,” Brower said via email.

Twenty guests attended the first Pop In on Sept. 9 and were greeted by smiles, balloons, and fresh popcorn.

“I think it’s awesome that mcKensey is encouraging us to come talk with her,” said Jeremy Arruda via email, a senior psychology major who attended the event. “It was cool getting to hear what other students wanted to talk about with her.”