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PLNU’s Black Student Union Hosts Cultural Event

Souls (and mouths) were fed at the Taste of Soul event hosted by PLNU’s Black Student Union (BSU) on Sept. 19. BSU is a club on campus that emphasizes family, service and education about African American culture.

“BSU is a place for black students and their allies to come together and celebrate black culture, build healthy, diverse relationships, and feel safe to speak their mind,” said Alesia Wright, BSU president. “I want PLNU to know that BSU needs their presence.”

Taste of Soul was hosted in the MOSAIC lounge. The meeting was comprised of the members of BSU and students who wanted to share in the culture. 

“Taste of Soul is our annual event that we do just to bring a little bit of spice to the club,” said  BSU chaplin, Olivia Misouria. “We provide soul food for everyone to get a little state of our culture.”

The food was provided by and attendees chose from ribs, rib tips, mac and cheese, collard greens and cornbread, adding ‘soul food’ to Taste of Soul. 

But the meeting was not just about food. The goal of Taste of Soul was to bring people of all cultures together. So yes, that means BSU is not just for people of color. 

“We want BSU to look like the kingdom of God which is full of people of all different colors,” Wright said.

Aside from food and friends, participants played an anonymous mad lib-esque game. Not only was everyone welcome to play, but humorous responses provoked non-stop laughter. 

BSU’s mission is to bring people together to celebrate black culture. As long as people are respectful and open minded, they are more than welcome to join. 

“You are never going to be judged just because you aren’t black or have different experiences in life,” Misouria said. 

BSU wants to bring its members closer in order to get to know one another. The main message of BSU is acceptance and love for other people. 

“When you miss out on people, you’re missing out on God,” Wright said.

BSU’s next event is their Unspoken word poetry night. They have weekly meetings every Thursday night. To become a member, you can attend a meeting and get your name on the email list to stay up to date on all club activities.


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