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PLNU raises funds for Caf employee, Lilian Lynch

Liana Cho, a sophomore at PLNU, has taken the initiative to raise over $900 for Caf worker, Lilian Lynch, to visit her diabetic mother in Brazil for Mother’s Day.

Starting March 3, Cho, a dietetics major, created a fund on for Lynch, cashier at the Caf, to make the trip to São Paulo, Brazil.

“She told me she was planning to go to Brazil, but was unable to go due to financial problems,” said Cho. “I looked up the price for a round trip ticket [from California to São Paulo] and it cost $1,500, so I decided to start the fund to see where it goes.”

Lynch planned on visiting her sick mother last December so she took off two months of work. Before she bought her ticket to Brazil, her husband’s niece was hit by a truck, so the funds for her trip were used by her husband to attend his niece’s funeral. Grieved by the incident and not being able to see her mother, Lynch still waited two months before coming back to work.

“The last time I saw my mother was in 2011 and she was fainting because of her health,” said Lynch. “I needed time off before coming back to work [to grieve].”

Lynch came back in early February for work and shared her story with Cho, which motivated her to start the fund.

Cho’s initial plan was to keep the fund a secret from Lynch, but with the deadline of April 28 approaching, she has made her goal more public and reached out to faculty and students for help. Although Cho is about $500 short of her goal, 43 people have donated in the 23 days since the fund started for a total of $975 (at the time of publication). Eighty-one people shared the link for the fund on Facebook. Cho hopes to raise the $1,500 to cover Lynch’s flight to Brazil.

Freshman Dave Stewart, a double major in music and business management, donated $20 to the fund.

“Lilian uplifts everyone’s spirits with her upbeat attitude and she always leaves you smiling and laughing swipe by swipe,” said Stewart. “I supported her because I love the idea of giving back to a woman who is always giving to others.”

Lynch, originally unaware of the fund, had planned on waiting until September to visit her mother. However, if Cho succeeds in raising the funds, Lynch will be able to visit her mother for Mother’s Day.

“I’m just praying that as time gets closer, the goal will be met,” said Cho. “But I know whatever amount is raised, she will be happy.”

Donations can be made through April 28 on Email Cho at for more information.