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PLNU Fall 2018 Intramurals

PLNU’s intramural season is currently underway. For those students playing, it’s a time to bring that competitive nature back from the high school sports days, as well as a time to form bonds and friendships with current and new teammates. Intramurals are a huge part of this campus, and many students partake in them each year.

There are many benefits to joining an intramural team here on campus. In an email interview with Alisa Ward, Director of Intramurals, in regards to benefits of joining a team she says, “For one, it allows for a sense of belonging and is a place for people to meet others with similar interests.” People who may be new to this campus, such as freshmen and transfers, could benefit from meeting people, and what better way to do that than by playing a sport you love with others who do as well. Whether it’s going out and joining a team of a sport you’ve played since you were five years old, or trying out a sport you’ve never played before, willing to be involved with sports on campus helps in building the PLNU experience.

Intramurals have a tremendous impact on our campus, with those involved, and also with generating big crowds as well. “If you look at sheer numbers, we have between 500 and 600 participants each semester, so a fairly large percentage of our students are involved in some way in the various intramurals offerings,” said Ward. “Everybody who has ever participated in intramurals wishes they will win the coveted championship shirt, so when we get down to the final game, you are certain to see people walking around campus the next day sporting their newly won shirt with a sense of pride and satisfaction.”

While it’s all fun and games at the end of the day, the satisfaction of winning and proving to be the best team in the respective sport on campus is such an uplifter because of the sense of accomplishment. It could also be an uplifter because of all of the craziness of life with class schedules, homework, and working; one can be proud that the right amount of time and effort with the team was put in to come together and win the championship.

Senior Alexis Faust, a participant in various intramural leagues at PLNU in her years here has had a great experience playing. “I would recommend intramural sports to everyone,” she said. “I’ve tried out for softball with zero skill, but everyone was understanding and willing to teach me. The PLNU intramural program is a great chance to try something new and obtain experience. Staying active is important, so why not have fun while you’re at it?”

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