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OPINION: Snapchat should stay out of politics

Snapchat is a fun app that allows you to use goofy filters to be various animals, to have silly voices and to even use pictures of others to face swap all while being a user-friendly app that has become very popular. The app has more to offer than simple chats and capturing moments to share with friends. Snapchat has stories put together by magazines, online personalities as well as major news corporations. The featured column hosts hard news stories, recipe ideas as well as sweet animal stories. Unfortunately, the political agenda that most of these personalities are on is overly prevalent and is often unwarranted. We are the generation that has really decided to think for ourselves, fight for our rights and especially for the rights of those who cannot voice their opinion. Truthfully. I love the grit that our generation has, and the desire for equality. However, what I don’t enjoy is how the media has tried so hard to appeal to our generation. They have now infiltrated what would usually be a fun app, all to present an over-arching political stance. Though we are the generation to think for ourselves, we are essentially being spoon fed ideas or opinions without even realizing it. We rely on bad news sources through Snapchat to find out our latest and greatest news. Seldom do we watch the news, buy a newspaper or even check the validity of stories. We can start out reading ANOTHER article on the Kardashians and somehow end up talking about what’s going on in North Korea. Though I think it is great that we more easily have access to such stories, I question the integrity of various outlets for using a platform that is otherwise used for celebrity gossip to really weigh in on hard news topics. Snapchat should be used as an app for pictures, and sure celebrity gossip. However, I don’t think that certain opinions, stories and platforms should introduce such big stories. I urge users to pursue the truth through various, reliable outlets.


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